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Add Cash to Venmo Card at Walmart: How Do I Load Money Onto My Venmo Card? No Bank Account at Walmart!

How Can I Put Money on My Venmo Card?

Users with a Venmo account can immediately add funds from approved banks to their Venmo balance. Here’s how to add money to a Venmo card:

In the Venmo app, select the Manage balance tab.

Enter the desired amount into the Venmo field, then click the Done button.
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Your transaction information and the anticipated arrival date for your money are flashed on the app screen for confirmation.

Before choosing the Add money tab, double-check the transaction.

How Do I Load My Walmart Venmo Card?

At Walmart or any other retailer, you cannot add money to your Venmo card. Only the Venmo balance can be transferred straight to a Venmo card.

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However, users can load cash onto the card using their Venmo app balance. In exchange, they can replenish the app’s balance with funds from Venmo-enabled bank accounts, credit cards, and stores like Walmart that accept the payment method.

How Can I Add Money to My Venmo Card without a Bank Account?

According to handlewife If you have a balance in your Venmo account, you can add money using the Venmo card even if it isn’t linked to a bank account. The only function a bank account has when tagged to Venmo is to transfer money from the Venmo balance to the bank account.


As long as there is a balance on the app, the Venmo card uses that balance. You can also replenish the balance on your Venmo card using a credit or debit card linked to your account. However, it would imply indirectly that a bank account is confirmed. Direct transfers from the Venmo balance are thus the best option to top off your Venmo card.

Can You Top Up a Venmo Card at the Atm?

Through an ATM, you cannot add money directly to a Venmo card.
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How Do I Top Off My Walgreens Venmo Card With Cash?

Add Cash to Venmo Card at Walmart (3)

Because Venmo cards cannot be refilled at stores, you cannot put cash on them at Walgreens.

How Do I Fill Out My Cvs Venmo Card?

Venmo cards cannot be topped off at CVS, in contrast to every other retailer.

What is the Price of Reloading a Venmo Card?

Fill debit cards with Venmo for nothing because starting a reload doesn’t cost anything. It won’t cost you anything to refill, whether you use a bank account, credit card, or debit card to do the reloads.


Venmo cards cannot be refilled at merchant locations like other cash cards, according to this article’s conclusion. The Venmo balance must be used in order to load money onto a Venmo card. If you’ve linked your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to your Venmo account, you can also use those to refill.


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