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Teachmint Web: Download Teachmint for Pc &amp, Laptop, Ios and Android!

The Teachmint teaching software was created as a platform to assist India’s teachers and students with online classes, lecture recordings, online chats, tests, note sharing in-flight, and many other helpful features.

For teachers who want to hold live courses, it is an easy-to-use free smartphone app. You can teach classes from anywhere in India without being in a physical classroom.

How Should I Operate the Teachmint App?

Teachmint is simple to use once the software has been downloaded.

Teachmint Web (1)

  • Choose a language in which you feel comfortable speaking as your first step, then click
  • the Continue option.
  • Once more, enter your cellphone number and press the next button.
  • When you enter your mobile number to receive an OTP, your phone will automatically be tracked in the background.
  • Additionally, select whether you are a teacher or a student before clicking the continue option.
  • Once you’ve entered your name, class, and city, continue to the following step to become an owner.

After that, you must enroll in a class.

Enter the classroom ID that your teacher has provided for you.
After enrolling, you have access to the classroom and can participate in live or recorded classes as you like.

Follow the Steps Below to Install the Teachmint App Web on Your Pc/laptop

Software Name Teachmint for PC
Application Size 22.4 MB
Latest Version 4.5.1
Download APK teachmint.apk
Provider Teachmint Technologies
Founder Mihir Gupta
Emulator bluestacks.exe
System Requirement At least 4 GB RAM
Other Requirements Virtualization Enabled

if you have two kids and want to put one of them on a computer while keeping the other on a phone.

Teachmint Web (1)

  • With the use of a program like Bluestack 3, create a virtual mobile within the PC or laptop.
  • You can access My Apps, the App Center, and the assistance center from here.
  • Find Teachmint using the search tool on the right-hand side.
  • Install the app on your virtual mobile space after downloading it to your laptop.
  • Now sign in here with a different phone number.
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  • When you get the OTP, enter it here to access the app.

Features of the Teachmint App

For the students to understand the material and issues, there must be an interaction between the teachers and the students. Teachmint enables you to communicate with students while they are in the classroom via their smartphones and laptops.

Teachmint Web (3)
Assignments and projects can increase student engagement and interest. Teachmint makes sharing and reviewing assignments straightforward. You may specify due dates for assignments and send reminder messages with just a few touches.


For teachers, keeping track of attendance and marking it might take a lot of time. On the other hand, Teachmint makes it easy and useful. The automated attendance technology logs students’ attendance, which teachers can download.

Get the Teachmint App for Ios and Android

Both the iOS and Android versions of Teachmint are readily available for download.

  • Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store sell it.
  • Select any platform and then type Teachmint into the search box.
  • Click the install button after finding the app.

Teachmint App: is It Free?

Students and teachers alike can utilize the free Teachmint teaching software. There are no additional fees associated with using the app.

Is It Secure?

Using the app will not in any way jeopardize the security of your smartphone and is entirely safe.


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