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A Cannabis Manufacturer in California is Using Blockchain Technology to Monitor Their Product.

A cannabis nursery in California is using blockchain and smart contracts to ensure that their plants are genuine.

On January 13, the EMTRI project and the technology company Global Compliance Applications announced their partnership, in which the cannabis nursery Mendocino Clone Company was named.

It will use the blockchain technology available in the project to issue a batch certificate for all clones, also known as seedlings.

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Nursery operations in the cannabis industry focus on plant breeding, creating seedlings, cuttings, and clones for sale at wholesale.

The nursery can now “document the beginning stages of a cannabis plant’s journey to becoming a premium product for consumers based on the gramme weight it flowers,” as the company put it.
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Each clone batch has its own unique smart contract that serves as the batch certificate. A “unique identity block,” generated by the nursery and connected to its Ethereum-based blockchain, is provided to each young plant.

Commercial farms and retail dispensaries are among its customers who can use this to ensure the legitimacy of their clones and their genetic lineage.

Beginning the first week of February, the first batch of certificate clones will be made available.

For their participation in the blockchain project, licenced cultivators who buy Mendocino clones will be eligible for EMTRI token (EMT) rewards and discounted prices.

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The EMT programme was introduced in November 2022 as a way to compensate those involved in the project. Tokens can be staked on Uniswap for additional returns or sold on the exchange for USDC. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, EMT is not tracked by any cryptocurrency exchanges or data providers like CoinGecko.
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In the month of November, the Cannaland Metaverse project was released with the goal of creating a digital paradise for cannabis consumers.

A custom pipe maker introduced tokenized bongs in January 2022, and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Santana quickly snapped up the NFTs.

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Back in 2014, initiatives like PotCoin (POT) and CannabisCoin (CANN) sought to supply an industry-specific digital currency; however, they never really took off.


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