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Digital Driver’s Licences Are Being Considered for California. Where Do I Put One of These?

(KTXL) — California Governor Gavin Newsom mentioned the state’s ongoing effort to introduce digital driver’s licences in his address reviewing the state budget.

Some states have already implemented digital wallets that permit citizens to store an official digital version of their driver’s licence on their mobile device (called a “mobile Driver’s License,” or mDL).

The California DMV plans to begin a pilot programme with up to 150,000 participants by late spring.
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Can I use the Wallet app to store my California electronic driver’s licence?

The Department of Motor Vehicles has announced that in addition to developing its own “state-of-the-art mobile wallet,” the state plans to allow the digital driver’s licence to be integrated into products like Apple Wallet and Android Wallet.

I Live in California and Recently Got My Driver’s Licence in Digital Form.

The DMV claims that this spring’s pilot programme participants will have access to the service at select airports.

The DMV told FOX 40 News, “We’re working with major California airports and TSA to make sure frequent flyers between select airports can take part in the pilot.” “…At this time, my readers are only available in a select number of TSA Pre®Check lanes at select airports.”

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Do I need to bring my paper licence with me when making age-restricted purchases with my California electronic driver’s licence?

The department claims that consumers can use digital IDs to buy alcohol and other products with age restrictions if the store in question has a digital ID reader that complies with industry standards.

The agency claims to be consulting with businesses like bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and the police to assess public support and readiness to accept DLs.

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California’s Department of Motor Vehicles told FOX 40 News that in order for the digital credential to be useful to residents of the state, “there needs to be an ecosystem of entities that are able and willing to accept it.”

Will Electronic Licences From California Be Recognised Elsewhere?

The California DMV claims that “international standards” are being used in the development of the digital wallet so that the identification can be used not just in other states, but internationally as well.

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According to the DMV, digital licences issued by other states are not recognised in California at this time.

Can I Use My California Digital Wallet to Store Other State Products and Passes?

Official digital wallets in some states store more than just identification documents. For instance, the official COVID-19 vaccine card, concealed carry permit, and state hunting licence are all available in digital form within the Louisiana digital wallet app.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has stated that it is considering coordinating statewide offerings.


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