Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Additional Cybersecurity Funding in the Amount of $35 Million is Desired by the State of New York

Kathy Hochul, governor of New York, has proposed allocating an additional $35 million toward cybersecurity in the state’s fiscal plan for the year 2024.

New York State will receive $35.2 million to improve cybersecurity, Governor Hochul said in a press release earlier this week.

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It’s the latest step in Hochul’s campaign to strengthen cybersecurity in New York, which has already seen the appointment of Colin Ahern as the city’s first Chief Cyber Officer.

The following is what Ahern said in his press release: “Investing in the means to protect New Yorkers from cyber threats is more crucial than ever as evolving and more sophisticated threats to our digital infrastructure necessitate increased vigilance.

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As long as Governor Hochul is in charge, New York’s most vital systems will be better able to withstand these kinds of attacks.”

It’s becoming increasingly annoying that people all over the world have to deal with cybercrime. It seems like every week there’s a new report about a healthcare or telecom company that suffered a massive data breach.

Almost every facet of our lives is monitored, cataloged, and sold to the highest bidder in today’s market.
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As stated in the press release, ransomware attacks increased by 13% in 2021, and more than 3,600 government agencies have fallen victim to cybercrime since 2017.

The press release from Governor Hochul reads as follows: “Attacks on New York’s critical infrastructure have increased in frequency, severity, and impact, but we will not stop taking proactive measures to keep it safe.

Through record investments and a dedicated assessment team for industrial control systems, New York will be able to implement physical security and cybersecurity assessment programs to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of its facilities and make the Empire State a safer and more secure place to live.”


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