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HomenewsThroughout the Empire State, Nobody Does Cookies Better Than the Girl Scouts.

Throughout the Empire State, Nobody Does Cookies Better Than the Girl Scouts.

WSYR-TV in SYRACUSE, NY. Everybody is on the lookout for their favourite Girl Scout cookie because the season has officially begun.

The introduction of the new Raspberry Rally cookie has caused a resurgence of interest in Girl Scout Cookies, as evidenced by a spike in Google searches for the product.
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By analysing Google Trends and cookie-related searches, we can learn which cookies are most popular in each U.S. state.

The Girl Scouts’ top-selling and most popular cookies are, according to their official website:

  • Mints Thin®
  • Sweet and sour Samoas®/Caramel deLites®
  • Tagalongs® and Peanut Butter Patties®
  • Adventurefuls™
  • Sandwich made of peanut butter and Do-si-dos®

Using this information, we can see which Girl Scout cookies are the most popular in each state based on the number of Google searches for those cookies.

Thin Mints, the Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie, Are a New York State Staple.

For the third year in a row, Thin Mints have taken the crown as New York’s favourite cookie.

However, the Samoa is not far behind, coming in at 22%. Do-si-dos (11%) are the least preferred variety of cookies.
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One can see glaring variations between the state’s 62 counties. Western New Yorkers prefer Samoas to Thin Mints, but Eastern New Yorkers love both.

The Girl Scout Cookies With the Most National Recognition.

The most frequently sought-after cookie was the Thin Mint, but the Google search trends for Girl Scout cookies varied widely from state to state.

After the Tagalongs and the Adventurefuls, the Do-si-dos were the next most sought-after cookie variety.


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