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xxxtentacion anime: Does Xxxtentacion Have an Anima? Mother of Rapper Confesses About Possible Series

According to rumors, an original XXXTentacion anime series may be created soon. When would it air and whose anime did he watch?
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More and more musicians have come out as anime aficionados over the past several years, and some official music videos have been produced entirely in the anime manner.

However, there has never been an anime that either directly engages a musician in the creation of the work or features a musician as a series character.

The possibility of creating an original XXXTentacion anime has recently been rumored, but how reliable are these claims, and which series did the late rapper like?

Xxxtentacion: Will There Be an Animation?

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, XXXTenaction’s mother recently made the assertion that an anime series might be in the works.
Although we were unable to locate the relevant interview, No Jumper on Twitter and Rap on Instagram have both reported on the possibility of an XXXTentacion anime series.

xxxtentacion anime

The genre of such an anime series is also unknown at this time; it may be an autobiographical series about the late rapper’s life and ascent to superstardom or it might be a fantasy series with XXXTentacion as the main character.

We’ll have to wait and see if more details about an XXXTentacion anime are made public, but the prospect of a show has undoubtedly already gotten a lot of fans interested.

Release Date for the Anime Xxxtentacion

There is no information to indicate a release date for an anime series since there is no official confirmation that it is even being made.

xxxtentacion anime (3)

The creation of an XXXTentacion anime, however, would probably depend on the content (autobiography vs.
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original story) and the studio in charge of creating the show.

The anime might theoretically debut in early 2022 if a series is ordered within the next six months and an average-sized animation studio takes the reins.

Who Did Xxxtentacion Like in Anima?

You would probably know that XXXTentacion was a huge anime lover and frequently spoke with fans about certain series if you followed him on Twitter or listened to his interviews.

xxxtentacion anime (3)

The rapper listed a number of “excellent animes” in a tweet on January 23, 2016, including Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Naruto Shippuden, and Parasyte.

He would respond, “F*** dubbed anime,” when a fan asked him about the contentious “subbed vs. dubbed” debate on Twitter. He would go on to describe how viewing One Piece subbed was the “best experience ever.”

Two of XXXTentacion’s singles, “Bad” and “Sauce,” have anime music videos as of this writing. However, throughout his musical career, there have been innumerable allusions and pieces of art to the genre.


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