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Xolo Maridueña Girlfriend Break Up? What Caused ‘Cobra Kai’ Star Xolo Mariduea &Hannah to Break Up?

Many people enjoy watching Xolo Mariduea, better known as Miguel Diaz on Netflix’s Cobra Kai. The actor had already made a name for himself in the business before he was cast in Cobra Kai. After his breakthrough role as the All Valley karate champion, he became more well-known, although there are still many mysteries surrounding him. Take his process of preparing to play Miguel on the show as an example.

Fans can tell he’s a top athlete just by watching the show. However, the truth is that Xolo has been acting professionally since he was 10 years old. The actor was a former participant in a number of sports, including basketball, tennis, and Shotokan karate. He put forth a lot of work to play Miguel. Xolo trained for two to four hours a day in various martial arts, boxing, strength training, yoga, and other stunts.

Their Relationship

xolo maridueña girlfriend break up

In terms of his personal life, Xolo dated a member of the Cobra Kai cast. However, it’s not the typical female suspect. Viewers adored his scenes with Mary Mouser, who plays his on-screen girlfriend Samantha LaRusso. To everyone’s astonishment, the actress blew everyone away with her performance as Samantha.

Despite this, Xolo dated Moon’s actress, Hannah Kepple. In 2019, following the completion of season two’s production, the couple began dating and quickly became inseparable, sharing many adorable images and videos of themselves online.

There are no current images of them together, and the actor has publicly said that he is not in a relationship. What really occurred between Xolo Mariduea and Hannah Kepple is detailed here.
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What Happened to Xolo Mariduea and Hannah Kepple on ‘Cobra Kai’?

xolo maridueña girlfriend break up

Cobra Kai may be a martial arts drama, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its share of heartbreak and epic romance. It’s natural for viewers to wonder who their favorite actors are dating in real life. Although there were Xolo Mariduea x Mary Mouser shippers, the two seem to be just friends. It’s true that Xolo takes great pleasure in making fun of Mouser over their first on-screen kiss. Xolo comically recalls the kiss moment with Mouser in an interview with Netflix: “Meanwhile, I’m over here cramming gum into my mouth and using Listerine strips like they’re going out of style.

Then as I lean in for the kiss, she says the perfect thing to hear before locking lips with your co-star. Xolo, I’m nervous, you’re like a brother to me, Mary adds softly and timidly.” As anyone can see, they are the best of friends. It became out that Xolo had his eye on one of the other actors.

Following the conclusion of the first season, Xolo began dating Hannah Kepple. After the beginning of season two, Kepple declared his feelings for his co-star. According to her, “after season one, we started communicating, and it connected.” They were “friends, a little flirty” in the first season. It seems like the couple might have broken up. It used to be that Mariduea and Kepple’s social media accounts were a chronicle of their courtship.

Yet, at the close of 2021, all of their formerly shared photographs mysteriously disappeared.

How Xolo Mariduea Views Dating in General

xolo maridueña girlfriend break up

Marijuana and his pal Jacob Bertrand, aka Hawk, have started a podcast. In one episode, Xolo stated his opinion that initiating contact with a stranger via social media is not a good approach to starting a relationship. A line from the actor:

“You seem to be getting off on the wrong foot.” Moreover, Mariduea disclosed that, at this point, he had dated three other women seriously. Moreover, the young actor said that one of them had contacted him online. If you’re a fan of Xolo, you’re probably wondering what happened to his real-life friend Jacob Bertrand. Is he more fortunate than he seems to be?

Love and Jacob Bertrand in “Cobra Kai”

xolo maridueña girlfriend break up

Serena Pullen is dating Jacob Bertrand. Almost five years have passed since the beginning of their relationship. On her birthday two years ago, he posted an Instagram message to his followers that read, “I appreciate your affection for me. Red hair, blue hair, pink hair, bleached hair, brown hair, every color in between. 🙂 I adore you.

” His frequent posts of her included heartfelt declarations of his longing for her. However, some obsessed followers are certain they’ve split up. Numerous followers of Jacob’s Instagram picture captioned “missing my love” have inquired as to the status of their relationship. A commenter who apparently doesn’t know better accused Serena of cheating. But there is not the slightest shred of evidence supporting this.

As with his pal Xolo, Jacob admitted that he has never used a dating app and has no plans to start using one. The 21-year-old actor said he has only dated people he has met in person, although he does enjoy using Tinder to help his friends find dates. Bertrand finds it draining to have to constantly be clever in the texting period of new relationships. Jacob counters that the key to developing a rapport with someone is sharing experiences, which is difficult to do via text.

Who Is Ralph Macchio’s Real-Life Spouse?

Ralph Macchio‘s portrayal of Daniel LaRusso in the 1980s classic Karate Kid marks 36 years since the debut of the character in Cobra Kai. And his marriage has lasted nearly as long: 34 years so far. The actor, now 60 years old, has one of the purest love stories that audiences have heard in a long time.

At the age of 15, he saw his future wife, Phyllis Fierro. They were married when they were in their thirties, and now they have two lovely daughters. Julia, the eldest, and Daniel, the youngest, are also actors.

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Still Dating: Hannah Kepple and Xolo

xolo maridueña girlfriend break up

At an April 2019 Paley Center for Media interview, Hannah confirmed that she and her co-star were dating. By Season 1 of Cobra Kai, she had already admitted that they are merely pals. With her on-screen boyfriend Xolo, the actress would stay for a while.

According to a quote from Hannah: “Well, she is in a relationship with Xolo, who performs for Miguel from season 1, and they both have been very close, and a bit flirty after then both decided to click on it.”

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