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Review of The Kissing Booth 3: uninspired and formulaic!

The whimsical romantic comedy The Kissing Booth 3 on Netflix deals with the pressure of making adult decisions while still being a young person and putting yourself first. The third episode of the series, which stars Joey King as Elle Evans, Joel Courtney as her best friend Lee Flynn, and Jacob Elordi as Elle’s boyfriend Noah Flynn, is quite unimpressive.

The Kissing Booth 3 didn’t really impress or thrill me despite being a lover of teen rom-coms. Instead, I was left with a lackluster mov

ie that had a weakly conceived plot and a cast that was both skilled and underutilized. Although there was a lot of room for the plot to grow, it occasionally fell flat.

Review of The Kissing Booth 3

In essence, it tells the tale of Elle, who must decide between attending UC Berkeley to be with her closest friend and attending Harvard to be with her boyfriend. Does she ever think about herself, her wants, or her desires, or does she always cling to the guys in her life?

After Elle and Lee graduate from high school, the sequel picks up where Kissing Booth 2 left off. The pair is focused on enjoying their summer vacation until reality sets in, despite the fact that they are both headed to college. They were childhood best friends and were inseparable because they shared the same birthday and interests.

It’s amazing to see how devoted they are to one another, except when it comes to college selection. Elle, Lee, Noah, and Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend), all of whom had childhood bucket lists, travel to the Flynns’ beach house.

The team, however, is shocked to learn that the Flynns are thinking about selling their beach house, so they decide to live it up and cross things off their bucket list one day at a time.

Review of The Kissing Booth 3

Elle is not a fan of the fact that her father is dating as if things couldn’t get much messier. Elle has a lot going on in her life, including her social life, career, potential stepmother, and other duties.

Then Taylor Zakhar Perez’s Marco returns as if things couldn’t get any worse. A fan favorite from The Kissing Booth 2 and Elle’s better option has returned to their trilogy. He’s not the only fan favorite back; Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) is also here.

Elle’s relationship with Noah, her jealous and insecure boyfriend, and Marco, a man who still has affection for her, has become compromised as a result of the reintroduction of Marco. This was incredibly unimpressive because any fan of cinema, television, or literature is aware of how monotonous and overused it is.

According to readysteadycut  When Marco and Noah were together, there was always toxic masculinity coming from Noah’s side, but until he hit Noah in the face, which was justly deserved, Marco tended to act cool-headed for Elle.

Even though it was cheesy, it’s crucial to remember that these are still teenagers, and fighting over a female is not unusual for lads with high testosterone levels. Since the dawn of time, it has been taking place!

We always believe we are making progress with Elle, but the males’ stories always take center stage since they are preoccupied with their problems. We seldom ever hear what she wants as she makes decisions about her college career, her jealousy, or her on-and-off relationships.
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Review of The Kissing Booth 3

Given that she is the only daughter in her family and has a younger brother as well as her father, it is possible that this was done on purpose.
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We only know that the males in her life have an impact on her.

She may have been initially antagonistic toward her father’s girlfriend because of this. Mrs. Flynn, who she sees as her mother figure, helps her make the proper choice by advising her to go after what she wants rather than what the males desire.

It was very impressive that a young rom-com insisted on having a platonic male/female relationship, despite the fact that it was subpar, as many romcoms follow the friends to lovers cliche.

Additionally, the conclusion was quite clear – she had to make her own decision, else what was the point? She deserved to feel liberated after three films, not burdened by the men in her life.


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