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Do Sam and Miguel Break Up? What Happened Between Sam and Miguel?

In the premiere of Season 5, Miguel has gone to Mexico to find his biological father, while Sam is seriously questioning her career goals. In the first episode, this couple seems more apart than ever. However, as the season progresses, the two teenagers begin to spend more and more time together. The season finale will determine whether or not they end up together, and fans can’t wait to find out. Where does Sam and Miguel’s romance go from here?

In Season 4, Miguel and Sam’s Relationship Continues

Do Sam and Miguel Break Up

Despite being clearly torn in opposite directions, Miguel and Sam continue their relationship without breaking up in season 4. Early on, the tension between Johnny and Daniel becomes too great for the two men to continue keeping their dojos intact, much to the dismay of Miguel, who looks up to Johnny as a father figure, and Sam, who is Daniel’s daughter. In terms of styles, Miguel remains dedicated to Eagle Fang and Sam to Miyagi Do.
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It doesn’t ruin their friendship, but it does put them on different teams for the All Valley Tournament, which neither of them ends up winning.

As the season progresses, viewers witness both Sam and Miguel question their lessons and authority figures; Sam continually tells her father that they should incorporate components of Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang into their training, and Miguel grows closer to Daniel, causing resentment in Johnny. Even though they’re physically apart, Miguel appreciates the benefits of both dojos.

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The Interaction Between Sam and Miguel?

Do Sam and Miguel Break Up

In addition, the interaction between Sam and Miguel becomes more problematic when Miguel develops insecurity due to Sam’s family affluence in comparison to the impoverished upbringing he had.
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  In the third episode, over dinner, we learn that Sam is considering attending UCLA or USC,

but Miguel is likely resigned to attending a less prestigious community institution owing to financial constraints. Due in part to his insecurities, Miguel comes to view Daniel as a father figure and forms a strong bond with him. The cost to his friendship with Johnny is significant, though.

Where Did Sam and Miguel’s Relationship Go Wrong?

The relationship between Sam and Miguel seems to be on the verge of breaking down on several occasions, yet in the end, they remain together. Specifically, in episode 8, viewers see the relationship under intense strain on prom night when Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) and Tory Nichols (Peyton List) unexpectedly show up as a couple. Sam and Miguel’s night becomes ruined since they both keep catching the other glancing at the Cobra Kai pair.

It’s clear that both Sam and Robby, as well as Miguel and Tory, are a little envious of the attention being lavished on the other couple’s ex-lover by the other couple. At the afterparty at Stingray’s place, the tension between the two couples finally explodes into an all-out brawl. Sam and Miguel blame each other for spoiling the evening, which was supposed to be a special occasion, and the four of them end up in the pool.

The Status of His Relationship with Sam

Do Sam and Miguel Break Up

The next and last time we see the duo together is in the finale, just before Miguel quits the Tournament due to a back injury. Miguel appears to be on good terms with Sam, as evidenced by the fact that he wishes her well and tells her, “I’ll always be rooting for you.” Miguel seems ready to tell her he’s traveling to Mexico to look for his father when he’s interrupted.

When we last see Miguel, he’s boarding a bus in the direction of Mexico City. Miguel’s fate, as well as the status of his relationship with Sam, will not be disclosed until season 5. For certain, there is a great deal more to learn about this plot. Watch all four seasons of “Cobra Kai” on Netflix. Season 5 is scheduled for a late 2022/early 2023 premiere.

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Who Won the Karate Competition Across the Entire Valley?

Do Sam and Miguel Break Up

The All Valley Karate Tournament Was Held During Season 4, and Technically Cobra Kai Was the Winner. Terry Silver, the Leader of Cobra Kai, Was Seen to Have Scammed His Way Through the Tournament in The Finale. To Ensure a Favourable Outcome for Cobra Kai, Silver Bribed the Referee with Money. As part of His Plan to Gain Control of Cobra Kai, Silver Intended to Frame Kreese for The Attempted Murder Of Stingray.


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