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Who Is Tommy Dorfman: The Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” Has Announced His Engagement!

It’s official: Tommy Dorfman is now a fianceé. During a recent episode of the Broad Ideas podcast, the actress announced her engagement to a woman she did not name.

The 13 Reasons Why star, who came out as transgender last summer, spoke with host Rachel Bilson about her new relationship, revealing only that her fiancée is a cis woman, whom she joked is “just a lesbian girl.”

Who Is Tommy Dorfman?

Who Is Tommy Dorfman: The Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," Has Announced His Engagement!

Tommy Dorfman, an American actress who was born on May 13, 1992, is widely recognized for her role as Ryan Shaver in the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why (2017).

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Early Life.

Andi Dorfman, from The Bachelorette, is her cousin. In 2015, Dorfman received a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from Fordham University.


Who Is Tommy Dorfman: The Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," Has Announced His Engagement!

After Finishing College, Dorfman Landed the Part of Ryan Shaver in The 2017 Season of The Netflix Drama 13 Reasons Why. in The Same Year, She Also Received the Glaad Rising Star Award in October and Collaborated on A Fashion Collection with Asos.

Dorfman Made Her New York Stage Debut in The Spring of 2019 in A Production of Daddy by Jeremy O. Harris for The New Group, Directed by Danya Taymor.

Personal Life.

That Gay Slob, Dorfman. in April of 2015, Dorfman Proposed to Peter Zurkuhlen, and On November 12, 2016, the Two Were Married in Portland, Maine. It Was Disclosed in July of 2021 that Dorfman and Zurkuhlen Had Divorced but Remained Friendly.

Dorfman Announced Their Gender Non-Conformity and Transition to They Pronouns in November 2017. A Transgender Woman, Dorfman “came Out” as Such on July 22, 2021, and Began to Identify with The She Pronouns.

What Is Privately Identifying of Tommy?

Who Is Tommy Dorfman: The Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," Has Announced His Engagement!

She Said in An Interview that She Had Been “privately Identifying and Living as A Woman” for Nearly a Year. As Dorfman Explained, She Feels “extremely Linked” to Her Birth Name Tommy, Which She Kept in Memory of Her Mother’s Brother Who Passed Away When She Was Just a Month Old. Dorfman Came out As a Lesbian in April of 2022.

Last July, Dorfman Revealed His Transgender Identity. Dorfman Said She “had Been Quietly Identifying and Living as A Woman — a Trans Woman” for A Year Before Coming out Publicly in An Interview with Time. In Addition, Dorfman Revealed that After Nine Years of Marriage to Zurkuhlen, the Couple Had Decided to “redefine Our Relationship as Friends.”

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Their Relationship.

Who Is Tommy Dorfman: The Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," Has Announced His Engagement!

“It’s Crazy to Be 29 and Re-Experience Adolescence. It’s as If I’m 14 Again on Some Days. Since Making that Adjustment, My Preferences in Romantic Partnerships Have Evolved “in Her Own Words, She Elaborated. “once upon A Time, I Was in A Relationship with A Gay Man in Which I Was Treated as Though I Had a More Masculine Body for The Whole of Our Nine Years Together.

I Care Deeply About Him, but We’ve Realised that A Homosexual Man’s Interests May Not Match My Own, Despite Our Shared Sexual Orientation.” Dorfman Said to In Style the Following Month that She “never Felt Better in My Life” Since Adjusting Her Hormone Levels.


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