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Who is Michael Cera’s Wife? Does Michael Cera Have a Baby?

Michael Cera, the Canadian heartthrob most known for his role in Confession of a Dangerous Mind, has been living a secret life despite his successful career in show business.

He earned the Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture and the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Performance in a Feature Film, so it’s no surprise that everyone, especially the ladies, likes him.

Michael’s other films and television programs, such as Lego Batman, Scott Pilgrim, and Arrested Development, demonstrate his talent and diligence.

In addition, the relationship status of Michael Cera was questioned.

Michael Cera: is He Married?

We should start with a startling and depressing fact: Michael Cera has already been single for a long period. It is understandable if most people have never even heard about Michael’s love life because of how secretive he kept his engagement, wedding, and married life.

Michael’s obscurity from tabloids and media headlines is also because he is not married to any of his fellow celebs. His wife’s name is Nadine Cera, and there is no information about her true surname.

Michael Cera: is He Married?

This couple likewise appears to avoid public appearances. Although his wife attended the 2018 Tony Awards to support her gorgeous husband, who was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role, that was pretty much the only time we saw them together on the red carpet.

Michael and his wife Nadine married in secret in 2017, but the news of their marriage didn’t break until a year later. It wasn’t even because Michael or Nadine expressly communicated the information, but the paparazzi captured unguarded photos of them getting along in Brooklyn.

According to reports, Michael was seen wearing his gold wedding band, and despite the freezing weather, the two seemed to enjoy the moment.

It was also unknown when these lovebirds began dating, although they’d been together for years before deciding to say “I do.”

The song ohNadine (you were in my dream), which Michael published in 2014, was quickly recalled by his fans (yes, Michael is a talented musician, too).

The song’s lyrics are quite sentimental. Oh, Nadine, I can’t help but get a weird sensation, says one line. You’d treat me well. Michael was completely smitten with Nadine, as can be seen from the lyrics (now Cera).

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And if they began dating the same year he published the song, they had been together for eight years at that point. Nothing, we are fairly certain, can separate them.

Michael Has Revealed That He is Now the Father of a Baby Boy

We must recognize Michael and Nadine’s efforts to keep everything private, especially in this day and age of social media and relentless paparazzi.

But, once again, thanks to social media and the paparazzi. Without them, we’d be completely in the dark regarding Michael Cera’s personal life. The actor from Weird City does not have a social media account (as expected).

Furthermore, if you’re surprised and angered by Michal’s lack of life facts, wait until you learn that Michael is a parent!

The information was recently disclosed. Amy Schumer revealed Michael’s secret (oops!) during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Michael Has Revealed That He is Now the Father of a Baby Boy

Amy and Michael were interviewed for their new series, Life & Death, and when Amy was discussing her child, Amy unexpectedly revealed that Michael is also a parent.

“Michael, too, has a child. “I just outed him, I just outed his baby,” Amy remarked, and Michael laughed. Is that widely known?

“We’re just getting started,” Michael responded. We’re only getting started.” So, does this suggest Michael already has a child? It certainly sounds like it.

Amy and Michael conducted another virtual interview with Extra just after their ET interview because they were still wearing the same shirt and using the same settings. Michael eventually revealed additional information about his child in this interview.

On March 8th, 2022, Michael said, “He’s simply a small 6-month-old baby.”

Michael also shared his thoughts on Expecting Amy, a documentary about Amy’s experience greeting her newborn baby, because they were talking about his child.

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“When I watched Amy’s documentary, I was surprised. I already had a deep understanding of the struggles women face, but you know, you can only understand it from a distance.

Despite Michael having made his baby boy public, his name and identity are still unknown.

Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera Reportedly Wed in Vega

It turns out that Michael Cera has spent his entire life as a private actor. He had an affair with Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Dirty Grandpa actor Aubrey Plaza before settling down with Nadine Cera.


Aubrey’s relationship wasn’t simply a typical, brief one—in Vegas, they came very close to getting hitched! When Michael does appear in the headlines, it always comes as a shock.

Approximately four and a half years after their breakup, Aubrey revealed to the world. Since the first day of their relationship, they desired to keep it a secret. When Aubrey was asked to join Michelle Visage and RuPaul’s podcast What’s The Tee, she discussed this.

When RuPaul called Michael “sexy” during a discussion of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with Aubrey, the reveal was made. When Aubrey heard that, she seized the opportunity to mention, “I dated him for a long time. one and a half years.

Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera Reportedly Wed in Vega

Michael was simply a crazy little freak, and we share a language, she said. Imagine how famous they would have been in Hollywood now if they had been introduced back then.


Aubrey also disclosed that they came very close to getting married in Vegas. By the time they were working together, they were already well-known actors. According to Aubrey, after filming the movie, they drove across the nation because they were so determined to get married in Vegas.

Unfortunately, she didn’t explain the reasoning for her and Michael’s decision to scrap the entire Vegas wedding plan. It would have been amazing!

Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera

In addition to Aubrey Plaza, Michael was also linked to Charlyne Yi, his Paper Heart co-star.

When they were in the process of filming Paper Heart in 2009, the rumor first surfaced. Since they play romantic interests on television, some viewers naturally assume that they are dating in real life.

Unfortunately, Charlyne rejected this rumor. We weren’t dating at the time, she said to Moviefone.


Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera

I also heard that we broke up, Charlyne continued. I received a piece of writing that claimed I was depressed. It expresses my sadness that we are traveling together. However, he is currently in Toronto filming a movie called Scott Pilgrim.

That’s fascinating, then.

Despite the notion, Paper Heart was a big success and once again demonstrated Michael Cera’s ability.

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Michael Cera’s Net Worth

One of the richest actors in Canadian television as of 2022, Michael Cera is predicted to have a net worth of around $20 million.

His roles in several films, including “Superbad” in 2007; “This is the End” in 2013; and “Gloria Bell” in 2018 helped him become quite well-known. In his career, Cera has been in over 30 films, and he is still working on several new films.

His main source of income, from which he has already earned a sizable sum, is acting in movies, television series, reality programs, theatre, and music.

Michael also had multiple appearances in television commercials for Pillsbury, Ford Focus, Tim Hortons, and other brands. The yearly salary of Michael Cera exceeds $6 million.

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