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Halle Berry Relationships 2022: How Many Relationships Has Halle Berry Had?

With over three decades in the film industry, Halle Berry’s resume includes more than just acting credits! The actress also collects ex-boyfriends, as evidenced by her extensive list of ex-boyfriends.

Halle Berry had a difficult time finding Mr. Right in her current beau, Van Hunt, and it took her years to find him!

Is Halle Berry Still Dating Van Hunt?

In an Instagram post on her birthday in 2020, Halle Berry teased her fans about the existence of her new man. She thanked everyone by posting a photo of her feet tangled with someone else’s in bed.

A month later, Halle’s mystery man, singer Van Hunt, was revealed to be the man she had been dating on Instagram.

A source told Us Weekly that Van Hunt is “a wonderful, caring man” who is “head over heels for Halle.”

“She’s had some bad things happen to her,” said another source. “Van has shown her how to love again and how to love herself,” the source said.

Halle Berry and Van Hunt kept posting about how much they loved each other on Instagram. Later, Van Hunt also talked about how much Halle Berry had influenced the songs he was making.

Is Halle Berry Still Dating Van Hunt?

“Our relationship has changed me in every way. I can say that I’m a completely different person, and I think it’s made my life better in every way,” Van said.

The first time they walked the red carpet together was at the 2021 Oscars. After they went to their first event together, several people said that Halle and Van are likely to take their relationship to the next level and that Halle “can see herself settling down with him.”

Well, I guess that’s true! Even Halle said in her Instagram caption, “I only wish I’d met you sooner so I could have loved you longer.”

Van Hunt returned the favor by posting a picture of Halle with the caption “Some people meet her and only talk about how pretty she is, but her stay will be marked by her intelligence and ability to tell stories.”

Extra talked to Halle Berry and Van Hunt together in November 2021. The couple used the chance to talk about their relationship and how important it is that they support each other.

“Everything changes when you’re loved and supported as a woman,” Halle explained. “The day appears to be brightening. “Everything appears to be improving,” she added.

Meanwhile, Van expressed gratitude for Halle’s support, saying it makes him “feel warm and fuzzy.”

Not only do their fans approve of their relationship, but so do their children! Halle Berry told AARP the Magazine that her son asked her and Van Hunt to participate in a “little commitment ceremony.”

“It meant a lot to us,” said Halle. “I have two kids from two different fathers. “All I care about is that my kids understand the choices I’m making,” she concluded.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Divorced for What Reason?

Halle Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez began dating in 2010 after meeting on the set of Dark Tide. This relationship began just months after Halle divorced her previous partner, Gabriel Aubry.

After almost two years of dating, Olivier decided to pop the question over the holidays by getting down on one knee.

The couple is expecting their first child together, Halle’s representative confirmed to E! News several months after Olivier and Gabriel got into a nasty fight.

According to the source, “It’s a blessing.” “Olivier and Halle are very happy. They are eager to start a family together, the source said.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez got hitched in Vallery, France, a few months after the pregnancy was revealed. In October 2013, they welcomed the birth of their son, Maceo Robert Martinez.

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. There have been numerous rumors circulating that the couple is about to file for divorce ever since early in 2014.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Divorced for What Reason?

Even though their representatives insisted that the rumors were untrue, many events, including Halle Berry forgetting her second anniversary during an interview, supported this claim.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are happily ever after is over because she filed for divorce in October 2015 citing irreconcilable differences. The following day, Olivier filed for divorce and gave the same justification.

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How Long Did Halle Berry Have a Relationship With Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry dated Canadian model Gabriel Aubry in 2005. While the couple appeared to be head over heels for each other when they were dating, their breakup was one of Hollywood’s messiest.

The former couple welcomed their daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, in 2008, during their five-year relationship.

Unfortunately, their joy as a whole family did not last. Halle Berry announced her divorce from her baby daddy two years later. The couple also assured their fans that they would share custody of their daughter.


The amicable co-parenting ended sooner rather than later when Halle asked the court for permission to bring Nahla with her when she moved permanently to France, where her boyfriend at the time, Olivier Martinez, lived.

How Long Did Halle Berry Have a Relationship With Gabriel Aubry?

Gabriel believed Halle was attempting to separate him from Nahla, so he requested sole custody. Later, the two were involved in a highly publicized custody battle, in which Salma Hayek testified for the court!

Halle also claimed that Gabriel emotionally abused her throughout their five-year relationship, which influenced her decision to relocate abroad.

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The former couple eventually came to an “amicable agreement” regarding their custody battle, with Halle agreeing to pay Gabriel $16,000 in child support each month.

Eric Benet and Halle Berry, Were They Married?

In 1997, Eric Benet and Halle Berry both went to a concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The actress acknowledged that when they first met, “there weren’t any sparks,” but after exchanging frequent emails with him for more than a year, she began to develop feelings for him.

Three years after they started dating, Eric proposed, and the couple wed in January 2001. India, the child from Eric’s previous relationship, was also adopted by Halle. While many people thought Halle had finally found The One, rumors about Eric’s alleged cheating began to spread.

Halle Berry initially dismissed the cheating rumors as untrue and even made a legal threat against the tabloid for publishing “false stories” by threatening to sue. But soon after, Eric acknowledged that he had cheated because of sex addiction.

Eric Benet and Halle Berry, Were They Married?


Later, to save their marriage, Halle supported Eric Benet as he entered rehab. Unfortunately, Eric continued to cheat on her despite the passage of two years. Halle decided enough was enough and filed for divorce in 2003.

Halle Berry said in a formal statement, “I feel we need time apart to reevaluate our union.” She added, “We ask that you respect our privacy as we are going through this difficult time.

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David Justice and Halle Berry

Halle Berry wed David Justice, a former New York Yankees star, for the first time in 1993. After four years of marriage, the couple finally divorced in 1997.

David used to be referred to by Halle as her “prince on a white horse” when they were still dating. Ironically, they got divorced not long after their third wedding anniversary.


In an interview with People, she said, “David was part of my life for four years, every day, every hour. She continued, “This is a painful, painful chapter in my life.

Halle Berry later admitted in an interview that she once dated a man who physically abused her and “caused permanent hearing loss” to her left ear. This was after they got divorced. Many people assumed the ex-boyfriend in question was David Justice even though she wouldn’t say his name.

David Justice and Halle Berry

David didn’t correct the record for 20 years. He claimed to People that Halle Berry was never hit in any way.

In the interview, he claimed, “All I was trying to do was let the world know that David Justice is not the person who hit her on the head and caused her hearing loss.” Don’t ever say that I hit a woman, he continued, “I’m not perfect.”


How Many Relationships Has Halle Berry Had?

In addition to her turbulent long-term relationships, Halle Berry was no stranger to dating rumors and one-night stands. In 1989, before she married David Justice, the actress reportedly had a brief affair with Kevin Costner.

She dated Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore briefly in 1997, shortly after her split with David Justice. Later, in 2013, Shemar told BET that they “had to keep it quiet” because her divorce from David had just been finalized. A year later, Halle and Shemar ended their relationship.

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In 2004, Halle Berry dated fellow actor Michael Ealy for a brief period of one year. Despite the amicable nature of their breakup, Halle admitted that it left her with the feeling that she “didn’t want to be in a relationship.”


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