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Who Is Josie Cunningham: After a Shocking Pregnancy Discovery in The Hospital, She Delivered Her Sixth Child!

It’s understandable if people assume Josie Cunningham is a former reality TV star. While this may sound like a myth, the controversial personality has made a name for herself without ever entering a closely monitored house or allowing cameras into her own home.

She was once known as “Britain’s most hated woman,” but has since rebranded herself as “version 2.0.” Who, though, is this mysterious Josie Cunningham? Read on to learn everything you want to know about the controversial star.

Who Is Josie Cunningham?

Who Is Josie Cunningham

In 1990, Josie Louise Cunningham entered the world in Leeds. Lisa Cunningham, who works in retail, is her mother and has said she will always support her daughter, no matter how much hate she receives. Lisa believes her daughter is “famous for all the wrong reasons” due to her controversial outbursts, reasoning that Josie believes “notoriety will make her happy.”

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Why Did People Take Issue with Josie Cunningham Getting Breast Implants?

In 2013, Josie Cunningham Gained Notoriety After It Was Reported that She Had Spent Around $4,800 on A Breast Augmentation. Josie Had the Procedure Done on The Nhs After Arguing for Years that She Deserved to Have Her Breasts Augmented from A Size 32 a To a Size 32 Dd on The Public’s Dime Due to The Bullying She Had Endured Because of Her Smaller Natural Size.

In Retrospect, However, She Admitted that The Real Reason She Had the Procedure Done Was to Become a Glamour Model. I’m Curious as To how Josie Cunningham Looked Before Plastic Surgery. Publicist Rob Cooper Shared a Throwback Photo of Josie on Twitter in May 2015, Claiming It Was Taken Before She Underwent Any Procedures. “Josie Pre-Tan and Pre-Plastic Surgery. Absolutely Normal, “in Other Words, He Used Twitter. She Claimed that She Had Been Bullied, and He Wrote, “constant Bullying Made Her Believe She Was Ugly.”

Why Did Josie Cunningham’s Methods Cause so Much Debate?

Who Is Josie Cunningham

Josie’s Shocking Announcement in 2014 that She Wanted an Abortion in Order to Compete on Big Brother Shocked the Nation. The Controversial Star Said to The Mirror, “I’m Finally on The Verge of Becoming Famous and I’m Not Going to Ruin It Now. My Career Will Benefit from Having an Abortion. I Won’t Be a Mother by This Time Next Year. Instead, I Plan on Becoming Famous, Buying a Large House, and Driving a Bright Pink Range Rover. I Will Let Nothing Stand in My Way.

She Was on Her Way to The Abortion Clinic when She Changed Her Mind After Feeling Her Baby Kick. However, She Caused Even More Uproar when She Said She Planned to Continue Smoking Through Her Pregnancy Because She Was Convinced She Was Carrying a Boy. With Two Sons Already (Frankie and Harley), She Reasoned that She Would Have Given up Smoking if She Was Expecting a Girl. Grace Was a Girl, and Josie Found out She Was Carrying a Girl when She Gave Birth in 2014.

What Else About Josie Cunningham’s Third Pregnancy Caused so Much Debate?

Josie Cunningham Tried to Make Money Off the Birth of Her Third Child. Josie Tried to Sell Birthing Tickets in 2014, the Year She Was Expecting Her First Child, a Daughter. The Celebrity Allegedly Claimed to Have Sold Two Tickets for £5,000 and Two More for £10,000. Sadly, She Gave Birth Nine Days Early, so We Couldn’t Livestream the Event to Our Ticket Holders.

Josie Thought Curtis Davies, a Footballer for Hull City, Was the Father of Her Third Child. It Turned out That Josie Had Been Fooled for 18 Months by A Con Artist Pretending to Be a Football Captain.

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Josie Cunningham Has Been Banned from All Platforms; Why?

Who Is Josie Cunningham

Josie, Who Had Been Dating Convicted Woman Abuser Andrew Goy for Only Eight Weeks when She Announced Their Engagement in Late 2014, Is Now Engaged to Him. After Their Breakup in Early 2015, Josie Was Accused of Launching a “revenge Porn” Twitter Attack Against Andrew by Posting Explicit Photos of Him.

She Was Found Not Guilty but Was Banned from Social Media During the Trial; She Announced Her Return to Twitter in September 2015 with The Message “Not Guilty!” Finally, My Celebrity Status on Twitter Is Over, Hurrah! I’m Going to #reset the Clock and Start Over.

 When Did Josie Cunningham Have an Abortion?

When Josie Announced in 2015 that She Was Having an Abortion in Order to Have a Nose Job, She Infuriated Many People.

The Would-Be Porn Star Had the Pregnancy Terminated at 12 Weeks when Doctors Refused to Perform a Nose Job on Her Because of The Pregnancy.

No Matter What Obstacles Arise, I Will Have This Nose Job. She Told the Sunday People, “my Unplanned Pregnancy Was a Huge Problem, and I Had an Abortion to Solve It.”

No One Has the Right to Judge Me for Prioritising My Appearance Over the Life of An Unborn Child until They Are the Ones Providing for My Family. Whatever People Think of Me Is Irrelevant. She also Emphasised that “My Body, My Decision” Was the Operative Phrase.
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However, Doctors Ultimately Decided that Her Nose Was Too Damaged for Surgery, so She Denied the Rhinoplasty for Which She Had the Abortion.

 What Date Did Josie Cunningham Give Birth to Her Fourth Child, and Did She Share the Event Live on The Internet?

In October of 2016, One Year After Having an Abortion to Have a Nose Job, Josie Cunningham Gave Birth to Her Fourth Child, and Second Daughter.

She Had Planned to Broadcast the Birth Live on Periscope, but She Had to Cancel the Broadcast when She Smashed Her Phone Against the Wall in A Fit of Labour Pain.

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What Transpired Between Josie Cunnigham and Jimmy Savile?

Who Is Josie Cunningham

In January of 2016, Josie Alleged that She Was Abused by Britain’s Worst Sexual Offender, Jimmy Savile, Who Was only Found Guilty of Numerous Gruesome Sexual Assaults After His Death.

Josie Stated that The Late Bbc Host, Who Passed Away in 2011, Had Attempted to “kiss Her on The Lips” and Touch Her Breasts. There Is No Confirmation of Her Assault Claims, and She Has Never Reported the Incident to Police.


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