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Who Is Jane Roe: The Petitioner in Roe v. Wade, Is a Real Person!

Roe v. Wade’s “Jane Roe” was an unmarried 22-year-old woman named Norma McCorvey, who would go on to become one of the most vocal champions and opponents of abortion in the 1970s.
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While she was a prominent role in the abortion rights movement for the next two decades, McCorvey shifted her allegiance to pro-life positions in the 1990s.

Before she passed away in 2017, McCorvey finally admitted on her deathbed that she’d only changed her behavior because someone paid her to. What we know about Jane Roe and her family following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is summarized here:

Who Is Jane Roe?

 Who Is Jane Roe: The Petitioner in Roe v. Wade, Is a Real Person!

When Mc Corvey Sought an Abortion in Texas in 1969, She Began Her Journey to The Center of One of America’s Most Contentious Debates. at The Time, the Surgery Was Prohibited in The State Unless It Was Necessary to Preserve the Life of A Woman.
It Was Mc Corvey’s Third Pregnancy, and She’d Previously Given Her First Two Kids up For Adoption. at The Time, She Stated She Couldn’t Afford to Fly to The Few States Where Abortion Was Permitted.

According to Mc Corvey’s Memoirs, “I Am Roe,” She Was Introduced to Texas Attorneys Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington by Her Adoption Attorney when They Were Looking for A Woman to Represent Them in A Lawsuit Against the State’s Anti-Abortion Statute. Henry Wade, the Dallas County District Attorney Tasked with Enforcing the State’s Ban on Abortion, Was Sued in May 1970 in The Roe Case.

Mc Corvey Gave Birth to A Baby Girl Named “roe” Later that Year While the Lawsuit Was Still Pending and Later Adopted the Child. Supreme Court Justices Ruled in Favor of Abortion in The Roe v. Wade Decision in 1972, Just Two Years After Taking It Up.

Early Life.

 Who Is Jane Roe: The Petitioner in Roe v. Wade, Is a Real Person!

Mc Corvey Was Born in Simmesport, Louisiana, and Grew up In Lettsworth, Pointe Coupee Parish, with Her Family.  her Family Thereafter Relocated to Houston, Where She Spent Her Formative Years. the Family’s Tv Repairman Father, Olin Nelson, Abandoned the Family when Mc Corvey Was 13 Years Old, Leading to A Divorce Between Her and Olin Nelson.  Her mother, Mary (née Gautreaux), a Violent Alcoholic, Raised Her and Her Older Brother. on December 28, 1995, Mc Corvey’s Father Passed Away. Mc Corvey’s Father Was a Jehovah’s Witness, but His Mother Was Brought up As a Pentecostal.

When Mc Corvey Was Ten Years Old, She Robbed a Gas Station Cash Register and Fled to Oklahoma City with A Buddy. During Their Two-Day Stay, They Managed to Con a Hotel Employee To Renting Them a Room, and During that Time, a Maid Happened to Catch Them Kissing. After Her Arrest, Mc Corvey Was Transported to Court, Where She has Proclaimed a Ward of The State and Transferred to A Catholic Boarding School, Even Though She Didn’t Become a Catholic until Later in Her Life in 1998.

Who She Claims Raped?

 Who Is Jane Roe: The Petitioner in Roe v. Wade, Is a Real Person!

The State School for Girls in Gainesville, Texas, Eventually Became Mc Corvey’s Final Resting Place for 11 to 15 Years Old. This, She Claimed, Was the Happiest Moment of Her Life, And That She Would Do Something Horrible to Be Sent Back Home Every Time She Was Sent.

upon Her Release from Prison, Mc Corvey Moved in With Her Mother’s Cousin, Who She Claims Raped Her Nightly for The Next Three Weeks While She Was Staying with Him. That’s What Her Cousin Said when She Found out About Mc Corvey’s Situation.

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Supreme Court Decision in The Case of Roe v. Wade.

 Who Is Jane Roe: The Petitioner in Roe v. Wade, Is a Real Person!

Mc Corvey Returned to Dallas in 1969 at The Age of 21 After Becoming Pregnant for The Third Time. in Order to Acquire a Legal Abortion Under Texas Law, Which Outlawed Most Abortions, Mc Corvey Claims that Friends Persuaded Her to Falsely Claim that She Had Been Raped by A Group of Black Males. Whether Texas Law Included an Exception for Rape Is Unclear.

the Strategy Failed Due to A Lack of Police Proof or Paperwork, and Mc Corvey Later Claimed It Was a Fake… She Tried to Get an Illegal Abortion, but The Clinic She Had Been Sent to Had Been Shut Down by The Police. She Was Referred to Henry Mc Cluskey, a Dallas Adoption Attorney, by Her Doctor, Richard Lane. Mc Cluskey Consented to Meet with Mc Corvey Despite Her Claim that She Was Solely Looking for An Abortion.

In the End, Mc Corvey Was Referred to Attorneys Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, Who Were Searching for Pregnant Women Seeking Abortions. Henry Wade Was the District Attorney in Roe v. Wade, and Mc Corvey Never Attended a Single Trial During Its Three-Year Journey to The Supreme Court.

Mc Corvey Gave Birth and Put the Kid up For Adoption Throughout the Course of The Litigation. Soon After the Judgment Was Made, Mc Corvey Notified the Press that She Was “Jane Roe,” Claiming that She Had Sought an Abortion because she was unable to find a job and was suffering from depression.   When McCorvey claimed she had been raped in 1983, she later admitted that the story was false.


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