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Who Is Henry Creel: And Why Did He Kill Her Sister, in Season 4 of “stranger Things”?

The twist at the end of Stranger Things 4 was one of the greatest in recent television history. As the credits roll, you’re left wondering, “How the heck did we not realize that sooner?” It’s that type of twist.

In Stranger Things, the hints had been there all along, but they were so skillfully buried in the story’s superb writing that no one saw. After rewatching the season, here are the three most significant signs that all pointed to Vecna’s true identity being revealed. There are big spoilers in this post for the final episode of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1!

who is henry creel?

Who Is Henry Creel

As an adult, Jamie Campbell Bower portrays Henry Creel, while as a child, Raphael Luce portrays Henry Creel, who is also known as One, Peter Ballard, and Vecna. In the fourth season of Stranger Things, he is one of the show’s most prominent characters. A former test subject at Hawkins Lab, he worked as an orderly.

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When Henry Creel Was Born in 1947, He Was the Son of Victor and Virginia Creel and Had an Older Sister by Three Years, Alice.


when Henry Was Born, His Father Thought He Was Just a Sensitive Child Because of His Capacity to Detect the Otherworldly. as A Result, He Struggled Socially with His Peers.

He Was Referred to Be “broken” by Teachers and Doctors Alike. as A New Beginning for Henry and Alice, a Little Estate Left by Virginia’s Great-Uncle in Her Will in The Spring of 1959 Was Used to Purchase a Magnificent Mansion in The Small Indiana Town of Hawkins. that Made Henry Wary. He Thought Hawkins Was Oblivious to How Others Regarded Him.

The Nest of Black Widows Dwelling in The Bathroom Vent of Henry’s New Home, on The Other Hand, Proved to Be a Welcome Surprise. Because of Their Role as “the Most Significant of The Predators,” Spiders Fascinated and Comforted Henry, Who Saw Them as A Source of Strength for The Weak.

One Day, He Realized He Has Telekinesis.

In Henry’s Mind, Time and Development Were the Worst Aspects of Human Civilization, Which He Came to Despise.


Henry Didn’t Want to Participate in Society’s “mindless Play” of Eating, Sleeping, Working, Reproducing, and Dying, but Suddenly Discovered He Didn’t Have To. He Discovered That He Had Telekinesis One Day.

he Began to Hone His Skills by Mutilating Rabbits He Had Captured in His Backyard. Henry’s Father, the Victor, Was so Concerned About His Family’s Protection that He Labeled the Neighborhood’s Dead Animals as Attacks by A Wildcat. Using His Psychic Powers, He Was Able to Peer Into the Past of Others and Bring Their Deeds to Justice.

To Get Victor to Hallucinate About the War, Henry Utilized This Power to Make Him See Images of Him Accidentally Setting Fire to An Innocent Baby’s Crib While He Was on The Battlefield. a Devil May Have Haunted Victor’s Mind, but His Mother, Virginia, Came to Loathe Him Because of It.

Virginia Wanted Henry to See a psychiatrist, but Henry thought it was a waste of time because, according to him, he wasn’t delusional “It wasn’t me who was damaged, but someone else’s. Theirs it was.”

One evening, as the Creels dined, Henry utilized his skills to distract his father by igniting the radio. A scream sounded out as Virginia was hurled into the air, her bones broken and eyeballs gouged out of her face before she landed back on the kitchen table. To avoid being caught, Victor and Henry attempted to flee through the front door, but Henry’s powers prevented them from doing so.

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Henry’s sister was killed by him.

The same way their mother had been killed, Henry murdered his sister while Victor was under hypnosis.


In spite of this, Henry became exhausted and passed out, leaving Victor as the only Creel family member to emerge unscathed. While in Pennhurst Mental Hospital, where he was being held for the murders of Virginia and Alice, Victor attempted to commit himself by clawing his eyes out, but he was stopped.

Victor learned that Henry had fallen into a coma following the killings and had died a week later from shock. Dr. Martin Brenner, Virginia’s chosen accomplice in Henry’s abduction, had staged his death as a ruse. Henry was the subject of a program at Hawkins National Laboratory set up by Brenner to both study and control him. As Brenner continued his scheme, he tattooed Henry’s number 001 on his body and began enrolling new youngsters. A device called Soteria was placed into his neck to inhibit his powers while further experiments were added to the Rainbow Room, and Henry was renamed Peter Ballard to serve as an orderly for the children.


Peter, Henry’s alias, was first referred to as a “Careful orderly who works in the mental health facility.

jamie campell bower as henry

Peter is fed up with the violence he sees on a daily basis “As a matter of fact. In the beginning, Henry was revealed to be the kindhearted orderly he was described as being. In private, he would encourage Eleven and whisper test-prep suggestions into her ear. In time, he began to tell her information about Dr. Brenner, such as the fact that he was a liar and that her mother was alive.

Her faith in him had been entirely restored after he appeared to be highly protective whenever anyone tried to get in their way of making it out of there. When it was discovered that he had been using her in order to gain her trust and remove the chip preventing his full power, everything changed.

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His Cruel and Manipulative Character.

His vicious and manipulative nature of him became clear at this moment. He has come to despise human civilization to the point of despising the human species, as he admits.


Also, he’s proven to have a fondness for spiders. Furthermore, after Eleven’s refusal to join him, he turned on her and ended up in a battle with her, which culminated in his expulsion from the Upside Down. Henry became the creature known as Vecna after being struck by the parallel dimension’s lightning and being exposed to it for a long period of time.


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