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Who Is Dating Lexi Rivera? Know Her Relationship Status and Additional Updates! Is She Dating Andrew Davila?

With 18.3 million and 6.79 million followers on TikTok and YouTube, respectively, Lexi Rivera is a social media sensation located in Los Angeles. Rivera, who is 20 years old, has a height of 5’5″ and a weight of 54 kg. John Rivera is the name of her father, and Laura Rivera is the name of her mother.

Her mother is a stay-at-home mother, while her father owns a store. The three brothers of well-known social media personalities are named Blake Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Brice Rivera. Lexi’s hips measure 33 inches, her hips measure 24 inches, and her breast measures 32 inches. Her blonde hair and green eyes are a lovely combination.

A well-known YouTuber and TikTok user is Alexa Brooke Rivera, also known as Lexi Rivera. The well-known online personality publishes videos of herself and her brother, Brent Rivera, performing gymnastics.

20-year-old Lexi is well-known for sharing bikini peeks with her 7.8 million Instagram followers. Because she is both skilled and beautiful, her male fans are concerned about her present dating situation.

Lexi Rivera’s Past Relationships

Is Lexi Rivera wed or single? She is not married in 2021. There’s no denying that she’s been romantically involved with several famous people. Here is a list of the men she has dated.

Ben Azelart

Alexa and Ben started dating in the 2010s. It took them six months to start talking after they first met in 2017. But eventually, they became close friends. At the time, they were the internet’s hottest couple, and they had a devoted following.


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They were both well-known on social media, so when they were constantly mentioned on one other’s YouTube channels, rumors about their relationship started to spread.

Even though it was simply conjectured, the rumor turned out to be true. Additionally, they frequently tagged one another on social media. For Halloween in October 2020, they dressed like celestial beings in black. Additionally, they worked together on a few concepts.

Has Lexi and Ben remained a couple? No, they aren’t. One commonality throughout relationships is that they either succeed or fail. They made their breakup public in November 2020.

Many people were extremely disappointed by the news.

Andrew Davila

Alexa is currently linked to YouTuber and electronics celebrity Andrew Davila as of 2021. After Lexi posted a video titled MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND featuring Andrew and Ben, fans began to speculate that she and Andrew were dating. She played a joke on her ex, Ben Azelart, by making him believe she and Andrew were dating in the video. She hasn’t said whether or not they are dating.

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Since Ben’s passing, Lexi Rivera’s love life has remained a secret. She focuses instead on giving her social media fans additional information. The interest of her followers has, however, been piqued by her relationship with Andrew. just published an article about Chelsea Handler’s love life. She is an American actor, comedian, writer, television host, and producer. She was the host of the late-night talk program, Chelsea, on the E! network from 2007 to 2014. She recently and in January 2016 made the Netflix film Chelsea Does. So, who is Chelsea Handler currently dating?

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating?

Our records show that Lexi Rivera is currently single.

The Instagram Star was born in California on June 7, 2001. A social media sensation in her own right, Brent Rivera’s sister is likewise well-known on social media and in online videos. More than 460,000 people follow Lexi Brookerivera on Instagram.

As of 2022, Lexi Rivera is not dating anyone. Twenty-year-old Lexi is a female. Lexi Rivera has had at least one previous relationship. She has never before been married.

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People are interested in Lexi Rivera’s partner because of the recent increase in Lexi Rivera’s popularity online. Social media influencers have grasped the opportunity since the Chinese app TikTok gained worldwide acclaim. Some influential people create content that should be heard, seen, and enjoyed.

More users sign up for TikTok every day, and the app is frequently updated with fresh and intriguing material. Our topic, Lexi Rivera, is an illustration of someone who develops into a “social media celebrity” before the age of 20.

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Being Brent Rivera’s sister, Lexi Rivera is a well-known YouTube personality. She started on social media as a YouTuber, where she now has a sizable fan base and her channel.

Her older brother Brent, who is also the reason why so many people watch her films, appears in the bulk of them. Acting and entertainment have always piqued Lexi Rivera’s curiosity. She did, however, want to make a reputation for herself so that others recognized who she was and what she did.

What Did Lexi’s and Andrew’s Fans Say About Them?

In the comments section of the parody video she shared, some fans couldn’t believe Lexi wasn’t dating Andrew in real life. One YouTube user commented, “Realize how every video she pranks Ben like something flirtatious or something, she always uses Andrew lol.”

“Lexi and Andrew are only friends, but you never know how love will end,” said another. “Oh my, they’re in love.”

Age of Lexi Rivera

Actress Lexi Rivera, age 20, was born on June 7, 2001. She was born in California and went to Huntington High School. She weighs 45 kg and is 5’5″ tall. Although she started as a YouTube vlogger, TikTok has since overtaken YouTube as her most popular platform. She has more than 19 million followers and 414.7 million likes on TikTok.

What Is Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth?

The estimated USD 2 million value of Lexi Rivera’s net worth. A well-known YouTuber and social media influencer are Lexi Rivera. She started working on YouTube in 2010 and revived it in 2018.


Since then, she has garnered a large 7 million-subscriber platform following. She also has a sizable fan base on TikTok and Instagram, which gives her more chances to boost her revenue.


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