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Who Is Christina Bobb: The FBI Raided the Former President’s Mar-A-Lago House!

According to a recent court filing from the Department of Justice issued on Tuesday night, Trump’s team of representatives “likely” intended to conceal and remove U.S. sensitive and classified government materials stashed in a storage room at Mar-a-Lago. It appears that Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb, is at the center of this new storm since she signed a letter on June 3 attesting (perhaps falsely) that all materials housed at the Florida residence had been turned over to authorities.

Since joining Trump’s political organization Save America in March of this year, Bobb has been working as a lawyer for the former president. The 36-page filing explains how the department obtained a search warrant for the Florida estate after discovering “efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation,” with Trump’s attorneys misleading federal investigators by saying all sensitive material had been returned by the former president when in fact government records were being “likely concealed and removed.”

In May, a grand jury subpoena was issued requesting the handover of all government materials, including secret documents, housed at Mar-a-Lago. The person in charge of Trump’s paperwork certified under oath on June 3 that their client had turned over “any and all” relevant files, but the Justice Department has said that its own evidence disproves this claim.

Who is Christina Bobb?

Who Is Christina Bobb

The New York Times reports that Bobb is widely believed to be the unnamed custodian who signed the letter to the Justice Department. Bobb is an ex-Marine judge advocate and former host for the far-right, pro-Trump One America News Network (OAN) channel. Since June 2020, Bobb hosted shows on OAN, where he repeatedly defended Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2016 presidential election was rigged. According to the Washington Post, Bobb began volunteering for Trump’s legal team in November of that year.

The House committee looking into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 summoned six of Trump‘s lawyers, and she was one of them. On June 3rd, Bobb and Evan Corcoran met with Jay Bratt, director of the counterespionage department of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division.
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The New York Times reports that Bobb signed a statement produced by Corcoran, which claimed that all classified material at Mar-a-Lago had been turned over. The Justice Department has acquired information suggesting that the letter that Trump’s lawyers have not released or publicly recognized was fake, prompting the FBI raid on August 8.

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The Department’s Court Filing on Tuesday

Who Is Christina Bobb

Bobb and Corcoran, as a result of the department’s court filing on Tuesday, may be required to testify before a grand jury against their client. Newsweek reached out to Donald Trump’s team for comment. That same day of the raid, Bobb met with FBI investigators at Mar-a-Lago, where she claimed she was “precluded from actually observing what they did.”

Bobb told the conservative network Real America’s Voice (known for airing Steve Bannon’s talk show War Room) after the raid, “I don’t think there was genuinely anything there that’s worthwhile, I will see what they come up with.” The attorney continued, saying, “there’s just nothing there,” implying that the FBI could “make stuff up and come up with whatever they want.” On August 10, two days after the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, Bobb told OAN that she was “a little bewildered as to why they would do such an extreme thing, so insulting and so dishonoring, other than the fact that it’s a political tool.”

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The Department said that The FBI’s Quick Recovery

Who Is Christina Bobb

She repeated her first denial, saying “there’s nothing there.” After the raid, Bobb appeared in the media multiple times to disparage the FBI’s action. According to the Justice Department, federal investigators have retrieved over 320 classified documents from Trump’s Florida resort, including more than 100 confiscated during the FBI raid on August 8. Department officials claimed that the files seized from Mar-a-Lago were “more than twice the quantity submitted on June 3, 2022, in response to the grand jury subpoena.”

The department said that the FBI’s quick recovery of twice as many classified documents puts doubt on the level of cooperation and calls into serious question the statements made in the June 3 certification. In response to former president Trump’s request for an impartial examination of the Mar-a-Lago seizure, the department filed the most comprehensive description to date of its evidence of obstruction of justice in the search for missing federal materials still unlawfully in Trump’s possession.


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