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While Opponents Dispute in Court, the Nj Bear Hunt Has Been Put on Hold.

NEW JERSEY (1010 WINS) — TRENTON. After opponents secured an emergency stay on Wednesday while the issue is addressed in court, bear hunting in New Jersey will not resume until further notice.

In response to Governor Phil Murphy’s approval of the December hunt after a two-year hiatus, three animal rights organizations—the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, the Humane Society of the United States, and Friends of the Animals—filed the appeal in court.

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Murphy had promised to call off the search in 2020, and he actually did, but he reversed course two weeks ago. The six-day quest was hastily planned and was due to begin on Monday.
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The judge has set Friday at 4 pm as the deadline for the two sides to file their briefs in court. The response deadline for the Division of Fish and Wildlife is Monday at 4 pm.

The resumption of bear hunting in New Jersey in 2003 was a divisive decision, especially among lawmakers.

There are many who believe the state is endangering a protected species by not having a reliable population estimate for bears.

They also claim that the Nov. 15 “emergency” regulation violates citizens’ rights to due process because it was enacted without giving them an opportunity to respond.

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The Division of Fish and Wildlife has stated that the rise in bear complaints is the primary reason for the emergency authorization of the hunt, despite the fact that New Jersey has not held a bear hunt since 2020.

Despite his approval of the contentious practice, Murphy has generally been against it, favoring non-lethal means of dealing with bears, such as increased public education and better trash can upkeep for individuals who live in the bear area.


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