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HomenewsWalmart Prohibits Plastic Bags in Eight States.

Walmart Prohibits Plastic Bags in Eight States.

In eight states, Walmart will eliminate single-use plastic bags. The remaining 44 states will continue to provide plastic carrier options. If state officials do not alter local regulations.

Why is the updated policy only applicable in eight states? Walmart implemented the bans in accordance with local restrictions on plastic and paper bags. These states want to improve the sustainability of their regions. And assist with climate change mitigation measures.

As states alter their regulations, the list will expand. The initial roster included six locations. The number will increase to eight on April 18. There are still plastic produce bags available at all locations. However, only reusable bags are available at the registers.

Except for New Jersey, brown paper bags are available for delivery in each of the eight states listed. Shoppers in the Garden State require reusable bags for in-person purchases and delivery.

The remaining 44 states, including California, still offer plastic bags for single use. You may choose paper bags for a small additional fee.

The States with The Ban in Effect:


  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Washington (April 18)
  • Oregon (April 18)

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