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HomenewsVideo Shows New Jersey State Police Finding and Saving a Missing Man.

Video Shows New Jersey State Police Finding and Saving a Missing Man.

SPRINGFIELD, New Jersey — State troopers in New Jersey performed a daring rescue that was caught on camera.

They searched the rugged terrain of Stokes State Forest and eventually located and rescued a man. The 24 hours he was out in the cold had caused him to suffer from hypothermia.

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Video from the troopers’ body cameras shows the chaotic moment they discovered the missing man, who was nearly frozen to death in the freezing temperatures.

Tom McHugh’s daughter reported him missing on December 17; he had gone for a ride on his UTV, or side-by-side, in the rural Sussex County forest 24 hours prior.
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The hunt started when nightfall arrived.
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“We got a picture of the tyre tracks and started searching for tire tracks matching that in nearby trails,” said Trooper Robert Hoffman.

Troopers discovered the overturned vehicle in the woods, but no driver.

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That night’s snow was a blessing for McHugh, considering how frigid it was outside. Those soldiers followed his footprints in the snow and located him.

McHugh was discovered unconscious half a mile from the UTV. His core temperature was extremely low.

Trooper James Thonus is a Marine Corps veteran.

“That’s exactly the kind of cold-weather survival training we receive. You should undress and crawl on top of him, rubbing his sternum to transfer heat “His words.

To comfort him, they layered jackets over him and took turns lying on top of him. Although the victim’s breathing had improved, they still needed to extract him from the woods.

It was a tough slog. Eight people worked together to carry the 6-foot-2, 200-plus-pound man a half mile through slush and snow to the waiting rescue vehicle.

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Seven of the troopers involved in the rescue were interviewed by CBS2’s Nick Calloway. All claim to have relied on their training, but none see themselves as heroes.

Melissa McHugh, McHugh’s daughter, has an alternative view.

“As a result of how quickly they located him. So, they went ahead and did what had to be done. But they went above and beyond,” she said.

Her father made a full recovery.


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