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HomenewsTyre Nichols is Supported by the Memphis Skateboarding Community

Tyre Nichols is Supported by the Memphis Skateboarding Community

Heinous, disgusting, and appalling. When Tyre Nichols’ family and civil rights lawyer Ben Crump first viewed the footage of the police confrontation that resulted in his death, they said those exact words.
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The 29-year-old man was a father, a son, and an enthusiastic skateboarder. His family discussed his love of skateboarding and showed a video of him performing it during the news conference on Monday.
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As they viewed the video of Tyre’s final moments, his fellow skaters said that Tyre’s family called out to them and pleaded for strength.

On Monday morning, Joshua Adams was one of the skateboarders zipping across the plaza in front of Memphis City Hall. He claimed that Nichols was on his mind. He remarked, “You never know if you’ve skated through anybody else’s tracks before.

Adams was present at the family’s request when they saw the footage of the police encounter that resulted in Nichols’ death and the termination of five Memphis police officers inside City Hall.

It was somewhat of a calling when they asked us to come here since they knew how much he loved skateboarding and that it was his main interest, according to Adams.

Tyre Nichols is Supported by the Memphis Skateboarding Community

He is one of the many Memphis skateboarders who came to make sure their message of support reached the family and prompted action from the city council.

An additional skateboarder, Joy Brooke Fairfield, said, “We felt this was a great and uplifting way to respond to a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.”

Michelle McKissack, a member of the Memphis Shelby County School board, joined the group to lend her support.

“Well, I’m a skater parent, so I thought, “Well, I’m a skater, I saw the call for skaters to show support today. I needed to demonstrate that his life was important, she remarked.

They sensed the presence of Nichols as they alternately rolled up and down the square. They claim that this is the finest method they can do to preserve his memory.

In many respects, Adams said, “the tricks he might have pulled in the city, the tapes he made, they’re out there somewhere.”

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