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Download the Ts Npb App at Tsnap.telangana.gov.in for All the Details

Download the TS NPB App: The TS NPB (Non-agricultural Properties Updation) app is a web-based land registry for Telangana residents. The government sends out teams to collect property information through the TS NPB and update it on the Dharani Portal.

The Telangana government has declared that landowners will receive a comprehensive ownership certificate called NAGPR (Non-agricultural property record).

NPB TS Survey

The Telangana government’s TS NPB survey is being done to update all current non-agricultural property records to make future registrations easier. All of the state’s districts were separated into seven different units for the study.

All NPB identifications are based on the PTIN (Property Tax Identification Number), and the survey is conducted by a team of three municipal admiration officials.
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In addition, these teams and the official’s work are monitored by a senior official in the district headquarters control room.Download the Ts Npb App at Tsnap.telangana.gov.in for All the Details

Enrollment in the TS NPB Dharani

The government employees (assigned) visit the doorsteps of every family in Telangana for TS NPB Dharani enrolling. The user manual for the TS NPB applications requires a lot of user data, including national IDs such as the Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.

To complete the application, users must also provide information about their family members, their names, relationship with the owner, Aadhaar card number, age, and gender.

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The owner must also provide their caste and mobile number during the upgrade process. The survey team creates a user id number, and then a password is issued to the registered cellphone number through SMS.
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Telangana Npb Tsnpbapp.gov.in

Users can access a list of agricultural properties on the home screen after completing the TS NPB application’s enrolling and registration process.

One can either click the arrow button next to the property they wish to add information to or go to the search bar and type the owner name/house number/TPIN to sort the properties.


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