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How to locate a song when you only know a few words of it!

If you’re like me, you’ve sat down to download the music you heard recently (maybe while you were out to dinner or watching a movie) and then realized you had no idea where to look for it. Your lack of familiarity with the term extends to the name, too.

Of the song’s lyrics, you may recall just one or two. But the tune keeps playing in your head! Fortunately, there are a number of methods available to help you find a song, regardless of whether or not you know the title or lyrics.

Finding Music When You Don’t Know the Lyrics

trying to find a song but only know a few words

  • If you know some of the lyrics to a song, you can use Google or a song lyric website (like Genius) to look for a match by entering a line or phrase from the lyrics.
  • However, this poses a problem if you are unable to sing along with the song. Do we have no chance now?
  • Recent advances in technology have provided you with more resources to help you track down that elusive song’s title.
  • Use Google to find out what music it is.
  • If you use Google to find the answers to all of life’s other pressing issues, it can also help you identify a song.
  • Make sure you have the Google app installed on your smart device. Launch the app, then hit the microphone icon in the search bar and say “Search a song.”
  • Then you can sing, hum, or whistle along with the tune.
    Second, use the Internet Movie Database to find music from films and television series.

If you’re looking for specific information about a film or TV show, there’s no better place to look than IMDB. You can find out who appeared in each episode, where they were filmed, and even what music was played during the show thanks to the database. As an illustration, let’s look at American Hustle, a film released in 2013. Say I’m interested in learning the title of a song that appeared in the middle of the movie.

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The First Thing I’ll Do Is Check IMDB for The Title.

trying to find a song but only know a few words

  • After finding the film’s page, I’ll click on “Soundtracks,” which is located between “Connections” and “User Reviews.”
  • The “Soundtracks” tab will lead me to a page that details every song that had an appearance in the movie.
  • Third, give a song-recognition app a try.
  • Aside from Google, there are a number of additional apps that might help you in your quest to find a song.


To use Shazam, all you have to do is put your phone up to the speaker as you listen to some tunes. If you tap the Shazam button, it will listen to the music and tell you what it is, who sang it, and what album it is from.

Furthermore, the app will provide YouTube links where you may either listen to or buy the song in question. All the music you’ve ever identified with Shazam is kept in a database.

Shazam may be downloaded on multiple platforms.

Sound Hound

If the Song You’re Looking for Isn’t Playing, You Can Use Sound Hound to Find It by Humming or Singing a Tune, Just As You Can with Google.

Both iOs and Android Users Can Get This App.

To Ask Siri or Alexa

A Music Can Be Identified by The Reliable Siri or Alexa, Respectively if You Own an iPhone or An Amazon Echo. You Can Ask “[siri] / Alexa, What Music Is This?” to Find Out.

Recognize Music without Knowing the Title

Keep in Mind that You Have Various Resources at Your Disposal the Next Time You Hear a Song You Enjoy or Can’t Place the Music from The Movie You Watched the Night Before.

Try Using a Website Like Imdb or Genius to Help You Out, or Use Your Own Investigative Abilities. the Good News Is That These Ingenious Methods Are Not Confined to Music; You May Also Locate a Book Based on Hazy Descriptions or Information About Its Cover.

Human-Assisted Music Identification

trying to find a song but only know a few words

If a Computer Is Unable to Find the Music You’re Looking For, You Can Ask a Human if They Know What It Is Using the Wat Zat Song Service (4a). Wat Zat Song (which translates to “what’s that Song?”) Is a Social Network Where Users Can Post an Mp3 Audio Recording of The Song in Question (or Record Themselves Humming) and Have Other Users Assist Them Determine the Song’s Correct Title.

Providing More Information About the Song, Such as The Language in Which It Is Performed or The Music Type, Will Help Them Narrow Down Potential Ideas and Speed up The Process.

In Order to Enlist the Aid of Your Whole Social Network in Your Search, You Can Share Your Wat Zat Song Request on Other Social Media Platforms Like Twitter, Facebook, Etc.

4b. Play “name My Tune,” Where You Sing or Hum a Snippet of The Tune Whose Title You Don’t Know. After You’ve Finished Recording, You Can Give the Song a Proper Genre and Time Period. when Other Users on The Site Recognise Your Song, You’ll Receive an Email Notification.

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Type in The Song’s Title Using the On-Screen Keyboard

5a. Musipedia – on Musipedia, You Can Look up Music by Playing It on A Digital Piano Keyboard or By Whistling the Tune Through a Microphone Connected to Your Computer.

Musipedia, Which Takes Its Inspiration from Wikipedia, Is Ideal for Locating Classical Music. Musipedia Can Identify All Music that Contains a Particular Melody that You Just Recorded by Humming or Using the Computer Keyboard, but Shazam Can only Detect Songs that Exactly Match the Audio.

5b. Melody Catcher – if You Know the Music and Can Play It on A Virtual Piano, Melody Catcher Will Tell You What Song It Is.

Melody Catcher Is an Easy-To-Use Java-Based Onscreen Keyboard that Displays a List of Songs that Match the Entered Tune. to Recognise a Tune, You Need Not Enter the Entire Melody; the First Seven to Nine Notes Are Usually Enough.


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