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HomenewsTourists Flock to Witness the Rare White Snowy Owl That Has Suddenly...

Tourists Flock to Witness the Rare White Snowy Owl That Has Suddenly Appeared in a Los Angeles Suburb.

Usually found in Arctic regions, such as northern Canada, a snowy winter owl has been spotted in Orange County, California.

Crowds have gathered in the neighborhood of Cypress to catch a glimpse of the bird made famous by the Harry Potter books and films.

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In the winter, the white winter owl can be seen in various northern US states, including Florida and Texas, but not southern California. However, prior to its November sighting in Cypress, this identical owl was purportedly discovered in San Pedro.

The adult female or young male bird was found outside of Los Angeles, but its journey there is a mystery. As opposed to when the bird was first observed, the present period of unusually cool and rainy weather is not typical for this region.

Birdwatchers are among the many ecstatic visitors to Cypress who have seen the bird perched on roofs all across the city between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily.

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“It’s a lovely thing to witness,” Vic Leipzig, a birding instructor at Saddleback College, told the Orange County Register last month.

It was amazing to me that there were so many people there to witness it.

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And it wasn’t only visitors from out of town, as I had assumed; there were plenty of neighbors, too.
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