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Three $1,000,000 Mega Millions Tickets Sold in New York and New Jersey, but No Jackpot Winner.

Another Mega Millions drawing without a big winner, but New York and New Jersey made some millionaires overnight.

No one hit all six numbers and won the estimated $940 million jackpot, raising the lottery prize to $1.1 billion before Tuesday night’s drawing. U.S. history’s third-largest prize.

3, 20, 46, 59, 63, and gold Mega Ball 13 were drawn late Friday.

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Several New York and New Jersey residents have $1 million tickets from the last drawing. Five tickets nationwide matched all five white balls, winning the game’s second-tier prize.

Two of those five tickets sold in New York and one in New Jersey. The state where tickets were sold was unclear. Florida and Maryland sold one winner each.

In addition to the $1 million awards, 115 tickets matched four white balls and the Mega Ball to win the third-tier prize. 15 are worth $30,000 because they included the Megaplier, while the others are worth $10,000.

24 Mega Millions drawings without a jackpot winner span more than two months.
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The game’s 1 in 302.6 million odds explains its winless run.

An annuity paid annually over 29 years is the new estimated reward of .
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1 billion. Grand prize winners usually choose the $568.7 million cash option.

Mega Millions hit $1 billion again. “It’s very exciting to see the prize rise throughout the holidays and into the new year,” Ohio lottery director and Mega Millions Consortium lead director Pat McDonald said early Saturday.

As the jackpot climbs, we encourage players to stay within their entertainment budget and enjoy this jackpot run with us.”

The only Mega Millions jackpots greater than Tuesday’s anticipated $1.1 billion were the $1.53 billion won in South Carolina in 2018 and the $1.33 billion won in Illinois in July, Mega Millions said.

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Elijah Kouza, assistant manager of Buscemi’s convenience store in Livonia, Michigan, said Mega Millions drew many people before Friday night’s draw. The store touted the $940 million prize, and Kouza expected Mega Millions ticket sales to exceed 20 to 25 sold on Fridays.

“If it’s $100 million, people are like, ‘Nah.’ They’ll pass,” he said.

45 states, DC, and the USVI play Mega Millions.


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