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There’s a New Animal at the Cape May Zoo! Get to Know Ghost, the Albino Wallaby

The cutest new arrival at the Cape May Zoo is finally here, and you don’t want to miss out!

Hello, everyone! I’m Ghost, the wallaby.

He’s really cute, right? The staff of the Cape May Zoo has announced on their Facebook page that Ghost was originally from the zoo in Plumpton Park, Cecil County, Maryland. The good news is that the journey to his new home wasn’t too far.

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That’s great news, especially since he’s still a baby. By Christmas, he won’t even be a year old. His arrival at the Cape May Zoo in time for the holidays comes at the young age of 10 months.

Evidently, you’ve picked up on the fact that Ghost the infant isn’t like the rest of them.

Clearly, this youngster differs visually from the rest of the wallabies at the Cape May Zoo. He’s an albino! If you pay us another visit, you’ll be able to pick him out of the crowd with ease. Wallabies are typically brown in color.
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First off, before you ask, no, wallabies are not the same as kangaroos.
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The two of them look virtually identical. It’s easy to tell that you’re looking at a wallaby and not a kangaroo because of their much smaller size.

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In comparison to kangaroos, wallabies are typically much smaller, growing to a maximum height of around 6 feet. Despite this, kangaroos have the potential to reach even greater heights.

The future size of the little ghost is a mystery. However, only time will tell for sure. This small marsupial is welcome for the time being.


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