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More Sightings of Mountain Lions in New Jersey, This Time With a Photograph!

I like to think I’ve earned the title of “Mountain Lion Whisperer of New Jersey.”

My email address has gone viral among New Jersey residents who have seen a big cat since I published a story about a woman in Galloway Township (Atlantic County) who spotted a cougar or mountain lion while walking her dog.

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When I tell these tales, I find that I learn just as much as the listener. The terms cougar, mountain lion, and panther all refer to the same animal.

Despite claims to the contrary by the New Jersey Division of Wildlife and others, people are actually discovering these creatures (or ones that are extremely similar) in the Garden State.
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What began with a single report in Galloway has now spread to nearly every county in the state. Sussex County, in New Jersey’s extreme north, is where the greatest reports of sightings of mountain lions have been received.

Kathy claims that she took the picture on Beaver Run Road on October 15th, 2022. In the enlarged version of the shot, we can make out what might be a mountain lion:

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I got this note from B.L. in Camden County:

I saw one plainly a number of years ago on my drive home through Winslow Township on Fleming Pike between Hay Street and Egg Harbor Road, where flowers used to be grown, but no one would believe me.

Denise from Cumberland County wrote after reading my account of a woman who witnessed a mountain lion near Millville airport.
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