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There Were 1,928 New Covid Cases in New Jersey, and 12 Additional Deaths. When Winter Ends, the Transmission Rate Reduces.

Friday saw 1,928 COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths in New Jersey. The state’s transmission rate remains below the standard, indicating that winter’s peak is ending.

Officials recorded a 0.82 statewide transmission rate on Friday, down from 0.
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93 on Thursday. The epidemic is decreasing if the transmission rate is below 1, but it has leveled out at 1.

1,515 confirmed positive tests were reported in the state over the past week, down 23% from a month earlier.

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Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem are considered “high” coronavirus counties by the CDC. 14 counties have “medium” communities.

The CDC classifies counties by case counts and hospitalizations by area.

Thursday night, 68 of 70 New Jersey hospitals reported 1,426 coronavirus cases. 143 are in intensive care and 48 are on ventilators.

13.9% of Saturday tests were positive statewide.

CDC deems positive rates above 10% “high.” New Jersey’s positive rate is far lower than its peak of 40.83% on Jan. 1, 2022, during the omicron variety.


Since its initial incidence on March 4, 2020, New Jersey has reported over 2.5 million COVID-19 cases.

479,192 positive antigen or fast testing in New Jersey indicate probable cases. At-home positive tests are also likely uncounted.

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The state of 9.2 million people has reported 35,725 COVID-19 deaths—32,609 verified and 3,116 suspected.

As of Jan. 9, New Jersey has the 10th-most coronavirus deaths per capita.


7.1 million New Jersey residents, workers, and students are completely immunized. Since Dec. 15, 2020, almost 8 million people have received their first immunization in the state.

4.3 million state residents have received boosters.


According to the latest official data, 9,968 nursing home patients and staff had died from COVID-19.

The newest data shows 11,950 residents and 7,800 staff cases at 453 facilities.

Global Numbers

The Johns Hopkins University coronavirus database reports over 668 million COVID-19 cases worldwide.

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Data suggests the virus has killed over 6.7 million individuals. The U.S. has the greatest cumulative cases (101 million) and deaths (1.1 million).


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