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HomenewsA 74-year-old Woman Was Discovered Dead in Her Flat on the Upper...

A 74-year-old Woman Was Discovered Dead in Her Flat on the Upper West Side With Her Wrists and Feet Bound.

A 74-year-old woman was discovered bound at the hands and feet in her Upper West Side apartment, prompting police to begin a homicide investigation.

On Wednesday night, just before 10 o’clock, police were called to the victim’s residence on West 83rd Street.

Maria Hernandez was discovered asleep, with her wrists and feet bound, buried under a pile of dirty laundry.

When Maria Terrero, Hernandez’s sister, went to check on her brother’s health, she found the body.
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They just got back from a romantic evening together.
I told her we’d discuss the next day when Terrero saw her: “Good night,” she responded.
Wednesday night, later, the victim’s daughter called Terrero.

When Terrero’s daughter told him, “we keep calling my mom and she doesn’t answer the phone,” he responded, “oh, I guess it’s OK, but, anyhow, let me go and check on her.”
No traces of a break-in or theft were discovered, and the police are still investigating.

“She was a wonderful person in every way. Just a lovely lady all around. She’s very good quality you’d expect from a genuinely sweet and lovely person: “Says Terrero.

According to the police, her death may have been the consequence of a botched robbery in which the perpetrator tried to conceal their tracks by making off with the building’s monitoring equipment.

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The victim’s apartment showed no signs of a break-in, but someone had apparently broken into the building’s basement and stolen the surveillance tapes.
Police have begun a thorough search of nearby CCTV systems in an effort to determine whether or not the occurrences are related.

Even though there was no outward evidence of violence, detectives are seeing her death as suspicious because they believe she may have suffered internal injuries.
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