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The Political Operative at The Centre of The Bizarre Nj Murder-For-Hire Case Has Had His Sentencing Delayed.

During a 10-minute conference call on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Michael Vazquez announced that Sean Caddle, who pleaded guilty to paying two hit men to murder his former friend and associate, will be sentenced in Newark on June 29, three months later than originally scheduled.

Caddle was scheduled to be interviewed by probation officers to prepare a pre-sentencing report earlier this month, but the meeting was postponed because Caddle’s mother died on February 27 after suffering a severe “medical episode” that likely caused a two-car collision.

72-year-old Diane P. Caddle co-signed her son’s $1 million unsecured appearance bond.


After pleading guilty to federal charges in January 2022, Sean Caddle was released on home confinement with an ankle monitor due to his cooperation with the government in an unknown investigation.

Landlord Files to Evict Caddle

Caddle and his family owe more than $10,000 in unpaid rent, according to court documents filed by Caddle’s Sussex County landlord. His eviction trial, which was also delayed following the death of his mother, has been rescheduled for March 28.

“His cooperation with the government has come to a close,” said Lee Cortes, executive assistant U.S. attorney. “It’s also my understanding that his mother was a co-signer, so if he is unable to find “a new one,” we will reconsider the terms of his release. The government is currently weighing whether a bail hearing is necessary.”

Sharing Information?

Former prosecutors and defence attorneys have theorised that Caddle must be sharing vital information, as those who plead guilty to federal conspiracy to murder charges are rarely granted the privilege of home confinement with an ankle monitor while awaiting sentencing.

Caddle’s name appears in court documents in another case involving Tony Teixeira, the former chief of staff to New Jersey Senate President Nicholas Scutari, but the nature of the cooperation is unclear. In November, Teixeira pled guilty in federal court to tax evasion and wire fraud charges. The date of his sentencing was also pushed back three months, to June 27.

Judge is concerned

Cortes stated that it has been difficult for probation officers to schedule a firm date for a telephone conference with Caddle.

“It just causes me great concern that he was not going to be interviewed until just weeks before the sentencing was supposed to occur,” Vazquez said. “In other words, this interview should have been conducted at the very least by the end of the previous year. I don’t have all the factors as to why it was not conducted. Nonetheless, I must find a solution at this time.”

Vazquez ordered Caddle to appear on March 16 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building in Newark for a pre-sentencing interview with probation, and set a “firm” sentencing date for June 29. The hearing for Caddle has been rescheduled three times.

Sympathetic to Family Circumstances

Vazquez stated that Caddle’s defence attorneys and prosecutors must discuss his release conditions and submit their positions to the court by the following week.

“I’m obviously sympathetic to his family circumstances and potentially having to relocate,” Cortes said. “Regarding Mr. Caddle, he is facing a sentence for a very serious crime… If we are considering additional time, I believe it will be time to revisit the bail conditions.”

Caddle, 45, pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit murder for hire and admitted to hiring a Connecticut man to murder Michael Galdieri, who was found stabbed to death in his apartment on May 22, 2014.

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