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New Jersey Man Arrested for Threatening Sheriff Mike Chitwood with Death

Last week, a man in Monmouth, New Jersey was arrested for making online death threats against Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the Sheriff announced at a press conference on Tuesday. The 38-year-old suspect, Richard Golden, allegedly made the threats in response to Chitwood’s condemnation of recent anti-Semitic activity in the area.

The following were the comments posted to the online forum 4chan: “Simply shoot Chitwood in the head, and he will cease to be a problem. They must find a new individual to represent the problem. But shooting Chitwood in the head permanently resolves an immediate problem. Simply shoot Chitwood in the head to kill him.”

These statements were enough for Golden to be charged with third-degree felony written threats to kill. He is being held in New Jersey pending his extradition to Volusia County, Florida. Golden has never lived in or visited Volusia, but he has heard of Chitwood through the anti-Semitic group Goyim Defense League, according to Chitwood.

Other information about Golden portrayed him as a marginalised member of society: he told police he is unemployed and lives with his mother. Prior to this charge, he has no criminal record, although Chitwood refrained from speculating to that effect.

In addition to Golden’s mugshot and arrest footage, Chitwood’s new line of T-shirts featuring a caricature of himself flushing neo-Nazis and anti-Semites down the toilet were displayed at the press conference. He stated that the proceeds would be used to fund anti-hate education in order to prevent radicalization and extremism from their roots.

In addition to naming and shaming Golden, Chitwood brought up three adolescents who were recently punished for vandalizing a Volusia County high school with swastikas in a restroom. To protect the identity of the students, the school cannot be identified, but Chitwood stated he would ask the judge to require the students to visit a Holocaust museum as part of their punishment.

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