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The Police Connect a Succession of Sophisticated Avon Break-Ins to Crimes in New York and New Jersey.

According to authorities, a spate of residential burglaries that shook Avon earlier this month are connected to similar crimes that occurred in New York, New Jersey, and other Connecticut communities.

Police in Avon report that the burglaries occurred in the early evening hours, when suspects drove rented vehicles to the neighbourhood and then entered residences through unlocked doors or by breaking glass sliders. Intruders broke into eight homes between January 30 and February 13.

According to a police post, although the stolen products were of diverse types, they all had “a significant value.”

In one instance, the suspects fled after an alarm sounded. The police believe that the burglars are targeting vacant properties.

“According to information provided by other police departments, we understand that the suspects are typically unarmed, as they are aware that carrying a weapon while committing these acts will escalate the criminal charges brought against them, with the sentence typically including automatic jail time or a longer sentence,” reads a post from Avon police.

The police advise residents to be attentive, to use automated lights when they are not home, to notify their neighbours when they will be away, not to let mail build up, and to refrain from sharing vacation photos on social media until they come home.

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