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The One and Only Thing New Jersey’s Pot Cafes Should Be Authorised to Serve

Public consumption establishments were inevitable when New Jersey approved recreational marijuana use.

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New Jersey’s decision-makers are currently crafting regulations and implementation strategies for the state’s first legal marijuana dispensaries.

I’m convinced that legal marijuana dispensaries would be beneficial to the state of New Jersey. My only reservation about the plan is that one of the regulations seems excessively restrictive.

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Any designated cannabis use space “would require approval from the state and the municipality.” That shouldn’t be a problem at all.

There would be a prohibition on overselling to customers, and they would have to do what they could to make sure their products were consumed safely. This makes a lot of sense.

“Anyone trying to visit a cannabis dispensary would need to prove their age with a government-issued photo ID.

But only people with medical marijuana cards would be allowed into the consumption zones.” Completely agree.

They could be enclosed or open, indoors or out. Sure.

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“No smoking or drinking would be permitted on the premises.” Do they really think that persons who use marijuana are the only ones who partake in other vices?

In any case, it’s so difficult to light up in New Jersey that you can bet the state will seize any opportunity to further restrict tobacco use.

There can be no sales of food, but customers can bring their own or have it delivered.

So, this is where I run into a significant difficulty.

The ban on selling food at pot cafes is ridiculous. The meal itself isn’t the issue if it can be carried in or delivered.

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Since munchies are a known side effect of cannabis, it seems only fair to let marijuana bars capitalize on this growing industry. Put it out on the bar like you would a bowl of salted peanuts or a plate of pretzels.

What’s more, picture the impact a marijuana bar license may have on a failing eatery.
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Since licensed establishments can already provide alcoholic beverages, there’s no reason they can’t also serve food to patrons of legal age without violating the law.

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Allowing restaurants to obtain a marijuana license at a reasonable price may be a boost to an industry that was nearly wiped out by the pandemic due to the high cost and scarcity of liquor permits.

For New Jersey, legal marijuana could serve as a “gateway drug” to other, more fruitful economic endeavors.

Personally, I think it’s obvious, but given the intelligence of the decision-makers, I’m not surprised.


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