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The New York and New Jersey Bridge and Tunnel Tolls Are Going Up

State of New Jersey (PIX11) The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has decided to increase tolls by one dollar on all of the bridges and tunnels it operates. These hikes were approved by a unanimous vote of the Port Authority Board on Thursday night.

Off-peak E-ZPass tolls will increase from $11.75 to $12.75. Tolls increase from $13.75 to $14.75 during rush hour. The fee for people who have their tolls mailed to them is going up from $16 to $17.

Tolls rising at bridges, tunnels between NY, NJ


Since the entire system went cashless in December, drivers without E-ZPass will have their licence plates scanned and get payments in the mail. The Agency’s chief financial officer, Libby McCarthy, explained in a public meeting that the hikes occur after inflation reaches a particular level.

Tolls on bridges and tunnels will rise annually by the rate of inflation, according to McCarthy’s statement that was ordered by the board.

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The Port Authority, the CFO added, also suffered losses because of the pandemic. According to McCarthy, “this is in the context of the three billion dollars in income loss the Port Authority sustained over a period of 24 months beginning in March 2020 and ending in March 2022.”

Tolls rising at bridges, tunnels between NY, NJ


The sum of $8.3 billion is part of the projected budget for 2023. The Board of Directors also authorised one-way Air Train tickets. The price hike of quarter cents would occur in March of 2023.

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