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HomenewsThe Late-Night Takeover of Weed Legalization: Your Saturday Briefing

The Late-Night Takeover of Weed Legalization: Your Saturday Briefing

Could 2023 be the year Delaware legalises recreational marijuana, following New Jersey’s lead?

Meredith Newman, a reporter, explains where legalisation efforts stand and where they may be headed this year, as the state revisits the topic.

On Friday, the Delaware House of Representatives presented two proposals to legalise and establish a recreational marijuana market, setting the stage for a likely confrontation inside the Democratic Party during this legislative session.

“For a decade, Delaware Democrats have attempted to legalise recreational marijuana, but their efforts have been thwarted by members of their own party, including Governor John Carney. It culminated last year when a legalisation bill passed both chambers but was then vetoed by Carney, who is vehemently opposed to it,” says Newman.

Here is everything you should know about marijuana in Delaware.

Live, from NY, it’s Aubrey Plaza

A few years ago, in a Delaware Online poll, Aubrey Plaza surpassed Joe Biden as the most popular Delawarean. Since then, both of their stars have risen, but Plaza’s is on a particularly swift ascent.

The Delaware native will return to her origins tonight when she hosts “SNL,” a show for which she interned, on NBC.

Reporter Ryan Cormier interviewed Plaza’s father and others for a retrospective on her professional path to date and her ascent to A-list status as she becomes a red carpet stalwart and regular awards nominee.

What is Plaza’s upcoming major cinematic project? Learn everything about it here.

Curbing Cabin Fever

How do you combat the isolation that can result from shorter days and colder weather?

Some people enjoy hibernating during the middle of winter, while others yearn to flee. Other than taking a trip to the Caribbean, what can you do to shake off the winter blues?

Please send me an email at [email protected] with your thoughts. I will highlight the greatest advice in a future newsletter.

Martin Frank will provide you with the latest Eagles news on Delaware Online and Twitter.

Here’s what to expect when the Oscar nominees are announced on Tuesday.

Seven Delaware locations to get your mocktail and hop water fix during Dry January

Is it written in the stars? Here you may view your horoscope.

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Here are the Saturday morning stories we don’t want you to miss:

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