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In New Jersey, ‘Angels’ Save a Puppy from Drowning in A Freezing Lagoon.

A dog nearly drowned in a lagoon in New Jersey, but a group of people joined together and acted quickly to save it.
Thursday about 12 p.m., it occurred in the backyard of a home on East Drive.
Brandy’s owner, Kathy Gelsomine, stated that the Jack Russel Terrier is 14 years old and blind.
“She is my life, as my husband has been gone for five years this February,” Gelsomine said of her daughter.
Gelsomine said Brandy was going to the restroom, backed out of her leash, and fled down the sidewalk, perhaps unaware that Brandy was headed for the water.

“She jumped directly into the water, and all I saw was a ripple,” Gelsomine explained.
Gelsomine observed when the Jack Russell Terrier began to experience weariness or hypothermia. She stated that she began to roll due to either losing her balance or cold.
Gelsomine screamed for her neighbour Jan at that time.

“And I yelled, ‘Jan, Jan, do something, she’s going to die right in front of us,’ and he threw off his sweater, shoes, and glasses and jumped in,” Gelsomine explained.
Brandy coughed up water and began to breathe again after Sgt. Christopher Woit and Officer Jesse Waterson arrived and began chest compressions on her.
Then, EMTs arrived with an oxygen mask for the pet. She was then transported to a local veterinarian via ambulance.

“As she passed me with her tongue hanging out, they took off with their sirens blaring,” Gelsomine explained.

Northstar Animal Hospital veterinarians warmed her up and administered oxygen.
Brandy is now back at home with her appreciative owner, owing to the efforts of numerous individuals.
“Oh my God, they’re all angels! They’re all angels!” Gelsomine exclaimed.

Last month, a family in Plainville, Connecticut discovered a black bear named “Marty Barnard” hibernating beneath their backyard deck.

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