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The “Griswold” Christmas Village of South Jersey is Now Open for the Holidays

Here in South Jersey, this feels like the moment we’ve all been waiting for this holiday season.

In recent years, the “Christmas Vacation House” in Gloucester County has become an annual tradition for many families in South Jersey.

Briefly put, the Mickleton family decided to decorate their home to look like the Griswolds from the 2005 comedy National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. What happened was worthy of an epic description.

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This was the case to such an extent that visitors would travel from far and wide, sometimes for hours, just to see the holiday displays.

Along with Clark’s station wagon and Clark’s own quantity of glistening lights, Cousin Eddie’s RV was also included in the package.

The Harbaughs’ display got so big that they decided to start a toy drive to complement it and give back to less fortunate children at Christmas.
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That, too, went boom. They would load up cousin Eddie’s RV with toys for charity every year. In the year 2020, they received so many contributions that they could not all fit into the RV.

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Obviously, the Harbaughs were overwhelmed by the attention, and they knew they couldn’t keep hosting Christmas at their home forever.

As a result, they opened up a full-fledged Christmas village.

The Griswold exhibit will be present, so have no fear!

Previously, it was simply the “Christmas Vacation” setup, but now there are many more options!

Guests can have a wonderful day doing everything from ice skating to visiting Santa Claus.

Holiday visitors are welcome at Harbaugh Village, hosted by the family known as “the Griswolds of South Jersey.”


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