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The CPS Health Screener Has Been Updated with A New Process| Examine the New Procedure!

New Process for The Cps Health Screener Instructions must be read by all parents. The “AT-HOME HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE” for families has taken the position of the Health Screener.

Families of the Holdens, CPS has introduced adjustments to the Health Screener procedure that will make it much simpler for families to get their children to school. The Health Questionnaire and Attestation form will take the role of the Health Screener. Please read the revised protocol below for more information so you know what to do before bringing your kid to school each morning. This practice is essential for everyone’s safety.

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Daily Health Questionnaire at Home:

Staff and children will use the CPS health screening questions to complete a daily health checklist at home before coming to school. There will be no electronic submission of the questionnaire. (See the attachment for a link to the staff screener.)

Parents and guardians will be needed to fill out an application.

a quarterly attestation document in which they commit to conducting daily health screenings on their child before sending them to school Parents and guardians will be asked to complete the following attestation:


Agree to check their kid at home each day before school for suspected symptoms or COVID-19 exposure. Confirm that if they respond “yes” to any of the CPS health screening questions, they will not send their kid to school.

If their kid will be missing from in-person class due to illness or exposure to a confirmed COVID case, parents should notify their child’s school. *For the first quarter, all families must complete and submit the attestation papers to the school by September 2, 2021.

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This week’s protocol modifications also include:

  • Because a fever isn’t the most accurate method to identify whether a kid has contracted COVID-19, the district will not demand temperature checks at the school entrance.
  • If medically required, parents of disabled students may seek a cloth face-covering accommodation. A medical professional must complete the accommodation form and submit it to the school’s principal or nurse.
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  • The district has supplied therapists with medical masks and face shields for kids with IEPs that include hands-on services like speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The district has provided speech therapists with transparent masks in the case of speech treatment.
  • The district reaffirmed its plans for HEPA air purifiers in every occupied classroom, a hospital-grade disinfection sprayer in every school, and hand sanitizer stations in high-traffic areas this week.
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  • For student-athletes in grades 5 through 12, evidence of immunization or weekly testing will be required.

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