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HomenewsTeen Found Dead on Railroad Tracks After Being Shot and Burned.

Teen Found Dead on Railroad Tracks After Being Shot and Burned.

The mother of missing gay 19-year-old DeAndre Matthews had suspicions on February 7.

With the use of the SUV’s tracking feature, Danielle Matthews eventually tracked down her missing car on a street in Brooklyn, New York, just a few minutes’ drive from where she and her kid were staying. The inside of the windows had a murky hue. There was a police call made by her.

According to Danielle Matthews of ABC News, “when the police opened the door, smoke was flowing out of my back seat.” From that instant on, I knew my son was dead.

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A few miles away from where the SUV was discovered, at the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and the freight train tracks in Flatbush, police responded to a 911 call concerning a body. DeAndre Matthews’s identity has been confirmed by police.

According to the police report, he suffered severe burns all over his body, was shot in the head, and showed symptoms of smoke inhalation. Emergency medical services pronounced him dead there.

According to the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, a gunshot wound to the head resulting in perforation of the skull and brain was the direct cause of DeAndre’s death. Homicide was the cause of death.

DeAndre Matthews’s death has prompted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his passing. There have been no arrests made, the police say.

Because of the brutality of her son’s injuries and the fact that he was gay, Danielle Matthews is convinced that his murder was a hate crime. Although he occasionally made new friends on the internet, she thinks it’s conceivable that’s how he was introduced to his murderer.

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“DeAndre is a complete sucker. I detest that my child put his trust in strangers “This is what Danielle Matthews has said. DeAndre falsely assumed that no one would try to hurt him.

According to Jeremy Moskowitz, the proprietor of BUGGY servicing center TLC in Brooklyn, New York, DeAndre Matthews worked there the day before he was killed.

After only a month on the job, DeAndre had won the hearts of his coworkers. According to Moskowitz, he had already left work by that afternoon.

Later that day, according to Danielle Matthews, her son requested if he could use her SUV. His mom says he left the house in the car at around 5:45. After that, she never heard from him again.

“Very frankly, I feel harmed. Forgive me, but I’m fuming. I can’t seem to find my way. My firstborn was a boy. In many ways, he may be considered my first genuine love. His guidance prepared me for my role as a mother, “According to Danielle Matthews. In other words, “those murderers had no concept what they did.”

According to his mother, DeAndre Matthews cherished time spent with his large extended family and enjoyed spending time with his younger sister and stepbrother.

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His passion was driving, and he was now pursuing a degree in criminal justice at SUNY Broome Community College. He felt a calling to serve others.

“He thought he could have made things better in the world,” Danielle Matthews explained. “Yet, he’ll improve it, and we’ll make sure DeAndre’s legacy lives on. We won’t give up until DeAndre is back on the court.”

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