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A 75-year-old Man Who Had Been Convicted of Murder Was Found Dead in His Brooklyn Home 6 Years After He Had Been Stabbed by Kidnappers and Lived

Monday, police found a convicted killer beaten to death in his Brooklyn apartment six years after he was kidnapped and stabbed.

Donald Wallace, 75, was found dead at 5:15 p.m. Thursday in his W. 23rd St. apartment near Neptune Ave.

Police said the municipal Medical Examiner confirmed Wallace died from a head wound.

His homicide is unsolved. Sources say police believe someone he knew killed him.

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His neighbor, Millie Correa, 66, who had met Wallace’s wife, Dot, sensed the apartment’s stink.

“That led the cops to the flat and when they opened the door, he was dead,” she added. “The body was already rotting. Stinky.”

Police reported no break-ins or theft.

Wallace was paroled in November 1992 after serving 20 years for a Bronx murder. That case included robbery, firearm possession, and grand larceny convictions.

In August 2009, he was paroled after three years for trafficking drugs in the Bronx.

Wallace faced two debtors in December 2016. He was thrown in their SUV, robbed, and stabbed before escaping.

Wallace initially claimed he was kidnapped by two strangers as he left the Pay-O-Matic check cashing facility on Mermaid Ave. near his home, but authorities stated he recognized his attackers.

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They drove him to the Pay-O-Matic ATM to withdraw money to pay them back. Police say they forced him back into the SUV after his card failed at the machine. Wallace fought back and was robbed and stabbed while trying his card at another machine.

He escaped their SUV at Avenue W and Nostrand Ave. in Sheepshead Bay.

On Monday, Wallace’s neighbors speculated about his murder.

Last year, another woman predicted on his Facebook page that his wife was “going to hunt you down you’re not going to have a happy life.”

Dot told Correa about Wallace’s romance with a younger woman.

“He used to screw about with that crackhead behind Dot’s back and one day [the younger woman] came to the neighborhood and Dot informed me ‘That’s her Millie! Her! Jump her! Correa told Daily News.

Correa said Dot told Wallace she disapproved of the affair and believed it could kill him as her sickness progressed.

“She said, ‘Don’t bring her when I die to live in my house because you’re going to die.’ The neighbor said she always said that.

Neighbors say the younger woman moved in after his wife died. Since Wallace’s death, neighbors haven’t seen her.

Despite his infidelity, Correa stated he loved Dot and would eat with her when he got a handout.

“He used to get the free food and divide it between the two of them,” Correa claimed.

May, 77, a neighbor, said Wallace would eat her ham and candied yams when she made too much.

“He was calm. Always walking the dog. “I love to cook, so whenever I have too much I would ask him to come up and get some,” said May, who declined to offer her last name.

C.B., a close friend, lit a candle outside the victim’s building.

He was clever and helpful. C.B. called him a big uncle. “I’m shocked. It bothers me… Unexpected. This was unexpected. Nobody expected this.”

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“We talked about the Super Bowl last time,” he added. “He was delighted. Grateful. I fed him.”


Correa stated she liked Wallace despite his cheating on Dot.

“Great guy. Nice guy. She stated he was a wonderful person and shouldn’t have died that way. He would give you anything if he could. It’s a shame he brought that girl to live here, knowing the situation and his wife’s last comments to him.”

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