Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Homenews"Super Mario Bros.: The Movie" A Super Bowl commercial revives "Mario Rap"

“Super Mario Bros.: The Movie” A Super Bowl commercial revives “Mario Rap”

Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures released a new promotional trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie amidst the Super Bowl LVII’s other significant commercials. The latest movie preview departs from the other trailers we’ve seen, replacing scene clips with a fake advertisement.

The promotional film titled “Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial” brings back the legendary “Mario Rap.” The lighthearted classic rap serves as the introduction of the 1989-1991 live-action series Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

Mario and Luigi are seen in route to a task and demonstrating their abilities before mentioning that they operate from Brooklyn to Queens. A testimonial plays before to a screen displaying Super Mario Bros. Plumbing’s genuine phone number and website.

View the advertisement above and call (929-55-2746) or visit for more information about Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

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