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A List of The Top 10 Steam Next Fest Games Demoed in February 2023

In continuation of our list from last year’s Steam Next Fest, here are the top ten game demos to play at this year’s Steam Next Fest in February 2023.

10. Urban Strife

Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: White Pond Games
Published by: MicroProse Software

Urban Strife is a turn-based strategy game featuring post-apocalyptic survivor and role-playing game features. Players assume command of a militia, recruiting those eager to fight for your cause. Players can form alliances with local factions and eliminate those unwilling to make friends.

Urban Strife has accurate ballistics and body-part targeting, giving players greater control over what they do to their adversaries. In order to survive in a world plagued by zombies, players will also need to manage their group’s resources.

If you are a lover of zombie survival games and want to play a game with a twist, you should play this game.

9. Wandering Sword

Release Date: 2023
Developed by: The Swordman Studio
Published by: Spiral Up Games

The tile-based RPG Wandering Sword is primarily influenced by Chinese martial arts. When a quarrel nearly claims your life, you decide to travel the globe and study the highest kind of martial arts. On your trip, you will encounter a variety of individuals whom you might befriend or oppose. The game’s various tasks and endings contribute to its replayability, making it probable that you will play it repeatedly.

This game is distinguished by its ability to switch between traditional turn-based combat and real-time mode. This allows gamers to alter how they play the game. They can either be meticulous or charge in with their swords drawn. This makes it one of the top ten game demos to try, as the gameplay mechanic is novel and thrilling.

8. Spiritfall

Release Date: March 7, 2023
Developed by: Gentle Giant
Published by: Gentle Giant

Spiritfall is a Metroidvania roguelite game that, among other games, reminds me a lot of Dead Cells. Players assume command of a vessel selected by the Perpetual Flame to transport it and unlock the Great Gate. The blocked Great Gate is weakening the Divine Spirits, so you must do everything possible to open it.

Read the essay I published about my initial impressions of Spiritfall if you’re still unsure about whether or not you should attempt it. It could very well become your favourite game at the Steam Next Fest.

7. Voidtrain

Release Date: 2023
Developed by: HypeTrain Digital
Published by: HypeTrain Digital

Voidtrain is a first-person shooter with aspects of construction. The player assumes the role of a conductor aboard an Interdimensional Express Train. As the name suggests, players journey to several worlds, gathering resources and fending off adversaries attempting to destroy the train. Regarding trains, players can utilise the resources they obtain to upgrade the train, adding defences, better engines, and other improvements. This improves your survivability while travelling between planets and makes your life easier.

This is one of the most interesting games you can try out during the February 2023 Steam Next Fest, so do it when you can.

6. Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire

Release Date: February 28, 2023
Developed by: Digitality Games
Published by: Freedom Games

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is a roguelite top-down farming game. The player controls Voltaire, one of Dracula’s offspring who, as the game’s title suggests, has decided to become a vegan. Dracula dislikes his decision, so he sends monsters to Voltaire’s farm in an attempt to destroy it. Voltaire must utilise his powers and diverse plants to defend his vegan way of life.

Check out our initial views of Voltaire to determine whether it is worthwhile to play. It’s actually quite entertaining, which is why it’s among our top 10 Steam demos.

5. Dungeon Drafters

Release Date: Q2 2023
Developed by: Manalith Studios
Published by: DANGEN Entertainment

Dungeon Drafters is a roguelite card-building game. If you have ever played any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, you will be familiar with the gameplay of this game. Outside of combat, players can choose where to move one tile at a time.

Within combat, however, the gameplay varies somewhat. It becomes a turn-based card combat in which you must strategically position yourself and activate your skills via your deck. It is generally enjoyable, so you should try it.


Release Date: Coming Soon
Developed by: IRONMACE
Published by: IRONMACE

Not convinced yet? Our first impressions of the Alpha should give you a good idea of what to expect in the game.


3. System Shock

When SHODAN, an AI aboard Citadel Station, turns rogue and turns its crew into cyborgs and mutants, it is up to you to stop Shodan and prevent her from destroying Earth.

2. Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana is a platformer with a side-scrolling interface. On their rescue mission, Plahyers assume control of a little girl and her faithful companion. They discover themselves on a colourful planet populated by strange machines and creatures. Due to the extreme risk posed by these machines and monsters, players must take all precaution to live. As they traverse the planet, players must solve puzzles, platforming challenges, and other obstacles.

1. Darkest Dungeon II

Release Date: May 9, 2023
Developed by: Red Hook Studios
Published by: Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon II is the sequel to the permadeath role-playing video game Darkest Dungeon. In contrast to its predecessor, Darkest Dungeon II is a roguelite adventure game in which players must traverse a difficult and unforgiving realm. They must fight against other humans, abominations, and other Lovecraftian horrors. Up to four characters, each having their own strengths and limitations, can be assembled into a team by the player. This game retains the permadeath feature, so if one of your characters dies, they remain dead for the duration of the run.


This game’s Early Access version is accessible on the Epic Games Store.

The top 10 Steam Next Fest game demos for February 2023 are now complete. Check out our list of Steam Next Fest game demos from the previous year to see if there are any you can sample or purchase. Alternatively, you can view our gaming news articles for the most recent gaming news.

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