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Stimulus Money Will Still Go to Americans—See Qualifications

Several states will continue to carry out their own variations of the stimulus check programs, which replenish residents’ bank accounts with money.

Stimulus Program This 2023

Federal stimulus payments were completed in 2021. There hasn’t been any reprieve from the recent economic woes that Americans are currently experiencing, most notably the increasing inflation.

Thankfully, a few states bridged the gap with their stimulus check payments in 2022. You might not know, though, that a small portion of those state stimulus payments will still be deposited into Americans’ bank accounts in 2023.

The States Listed Provide Their Stimulus Programs

The following states may also still be disbursing checks. Find out if you qualify and how much you might be able to get.

  • California

Californians who qualify for the Middle-Class Tax Refund, as announced by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2022, must meet the following criteria.

For single taxpayers and married couples filing separate tax returns, the adjusted gross income must be under $250,000 (or less than $500,000 combined) in order to qualify. Residents must also file a 2020 California tax return by October 15, 2021.

Additionally, the qualifying individuals cannot be claimed as dependent on another person’s 2020 tax return. Finally, all applicants must reside in California for at least six months in 2020.

  • Colorado

The Colorado Cash Back bill, which Governor Jared Polis of Colorado enacted in May 2022, gives residents tax refunds.

Stimulus Money Will Still Go to Americans—See Qualifications

Residents who qualify may receive benefits worth up to $750 for single taxpayers and $1,500 for joint filers. The deadline for those with extended tax return deadlines in October 2022 is January 31, 2023.

  • Delaware

The Delaware Relief Rebate Program, which permits a one-time $300 payment intended for the state’s adult inhabitants, was approved by Gov. John Carney in May.

Delaware citizens must have submitted their 2021 state tax return before the deadline in order to be eligible, and they are then automatically eligible for the refund. According to the website of the Delaware Department of Finance, checks are issued all summer long.

  • Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents who paid their 2021 personal income taxes and filed their 2021 return by October 17, 2022, are qualified for a refund equal to slightly more than 14% of their 2021 income tax liability.

Refunds have already been given to the majority of taxpayers, but those who submitted after the deadline may not receive theirs until September 15, 2023.

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Locals in New Jersey can still take advantage of the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) program to receive property tax rebates.

Tenants are only eligible for up to $450, whereas homeowners are eligible for $1,000 or $1,500. The 2023 filing deadline is January 31, 2023. It is necessary to submit applications for the ANCHOR program to the state’s Division of Taxation.

  • Virginia

Virginia sent qualified taxpayers one-time bonus tax refunds in the amount of $500 for joint filers and $250 for individual filers.

Even though the majority of checks were sent out in September, some may still be arriving in 2023 if you submitted your application at the tail end.


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