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HomenewsDamages From the Catskills Tasering That Engulfed a Man in Flames Are...

Damages From the Catskills Tasering That Engulfed a Man in Flames Are Esatimated at $20 Million.

The man’s family is suing for millions of dollars after he allegedly self-combusted after being tased by police in 2021.
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In the past, we have reported on the terrible case of 29-year-old Jason Jones, who tragically caught fire after dousing himself with hand sanitizer and being tased by a Catskill Police officer in November of 2021.

An Occurrence

Several sources indicate that the incident occurred on October 30, 2021, when Jones entered the Catskill Police Department lobby and interacted with two policemen, who were also captured on tape.

Jones looks to be very upset in the footage as he paces the lobby, yelling at the police and ripping his sweater and shirt off. According to reports, Jones’ encounters with police lasted for quite some time, and at the end of the films, he can be seen spraying himself and the policemen with hand sanitizer.

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Jones can be seen soaking wet in the footage before one of the officers fires a taser at him, striking Jones. Following his fall to the floor, CNN reports that Jones was enveloped in flames as the officers in the area left him to burn alone.

After 14 seconds, the cop who had left to rescue Jones when his hair caught fire returned. After about 15 minutes, a stretcher is brought in and Jones is taken out of the lobby.

After being injured, he was sent to a local hospital, but he passed away there on December 15th, 2021. The videos can be found on the internet, but be warned that they are very violent.

A Look Into the Scandal

As is customary practise in such situations, the New York Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation (OSI) opened a probe into Jones’s death.

The OSI investigates all deaths that may have been the result of police action. The probe is still in progress.

Filed a Lawsuit Worth $20 Million

Jones’s family has filed a lawsuit, and they have informed the Catskill Police Department about it.

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The lawsuit states that police officers should have rendered aid to Jones sooner and that additional training is required for police officers. The family is requesting damages of ,000,000.
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