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Shyla and Landon Break Up: How Did Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker Break Up?

Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker, a YouTube couple, announced in May 2021 that they would be closing their channel and not posting any new videos. The cracks in their five-year relationship started to show not long after.

Why Didn’t Landon Mc Broom Tell Shyla Walker About What He Did?

Shyla and Landon Break Up: How Did Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker Break Up?

After Shyla and Landon Announced the Termination of Their YouTube Channel, Tmz Reported that Shyla Had Filed A Restraining Order Against Landon. Shyla Filed for A Restraining Order Against Landon, Accusing Him of Abusing Her and Trying to Abduct Their Daughter Soutine. After an Alleged Kidnapping Attempt by Landon and Their Common Friend Joseph, Shyla Stated She Was only Able to Get Her Daughter Back with The Help of The Police.

that Landon Woke Souline Up At Night, “gave the Child to His Employee ‘joseph,'” Who Then “took the Child… and [headed] for [landon’s] Vehicle as [shyla] Pursued Him on Foot Demanding the Return of [souline].” According to The Paperwork, Landon “continued to Tell Joseph to Put the Child in His Vehicle and Leave.”

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Breakup Of Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker.

The Court issued a Restraining Order Barring Landon from Coming Within 100 Feet of Shyla and His Daughter. It Wasn’t until September of 2021 that Shyla Produced a Video Detailing What Had Happened Between June and The Couple’s Inevitable Breakup. I Phoned 911 and I Said They’re Snatching My Baby Like Please Help Me,” Shyla Claimed of The Purported Abduction. as Quickly as I Could, I Retreated to Joe and Described His Outfit “video Clip Where She Makes This Claim.

“My Curiosity About What Landon Was Wearing Prompted Me to Follow Him Inside the House. the Dispatcher Continued by Saying, “they [police] Can’t Come if There Isn’t a Custody Agreement or Emergency Protection on The Child. As a result, My Emotional State Deteriorated. I Had Shut Off the Speaker by That Moment so It Was Only Me Who Had Heard the Dispatcher Say That.

Trying to Think as Quickly as I Could I Acted Like I Was Still on The Phone and I Said: “joe if You Just Bring Her Back I’ll Tell Them Not to Come and I’ll Hang up Right Now.” Landon Then Responded, “ok Joe, Bring Her Back and Like I Thank God that Worked.”

What Did Landon Say About Shyla’s Video?

Shyla and Landon Break Up: How Did Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker Break Up?

One Month Following Shyla’s Video, Landon Then Produced His Own Video Titled, “the Real Truth,” on October 6, Saying that Shyla Lied About Her Charges and He Never Intended to Kidnap His Daughter, He Also Gave Context to The Final Encounter Between the Two. “During This Meeting, I Did Not Have Any Restraining Order at All. This Is Also the Last Time that She and I Ever Spoke,” Landon Stated.

“and It’s Been Days Since We Purportedly Kidnapped Souline, so It’s Been Much Longer than A Week. on May 15th, Joseph, I, and Soutine Were Abducted. This Gathering Will Take Place at Our House on May 21st, Less than A Week from Now. Landon Continued by Saying that His Friend Joseph Recorded the Final Meeting on Camera and That the Footage Is Available.

What Happened with Shyla?

He continued: “Thankfully at This Time, the Only Reason We Had This Evidence Was Because Joseph Was Afraid and Was Filming to Protect Himself. It’s Important to Keep in Mind that This Is Happening Days After He Was Accused of Kidnapping. In the end, Landon Told Shyla Not to Respond to The Video or He Would Release More Tape from The Meeting, Claiming that It Would Make Her Appear Really Bad.

To Paraphrase What Landon Said, “I Did Not Display the Worst Awful Worst Parts of The Meeting Tape.” I’m Not Going to Show You the Rest of The Meeting Tape Because, as You’ll See, She Said and Did Things That Will Make It Impossible for You to Ever Forgive Her. He Went On, “I Will Have No Choice But To Show You Guys the Film if She Responds to This Video with More Falsehoods, More Playing the Victim.” Shyla Has Not Addressed the New Video as Of Now.

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For What Reason Did Shyla File a Restraining Order Against Landon?

Shyla and Landon Break Up: How Did Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker Break Up?

Shyla Posted on Instagram Why She Needed a Restraining Order After the Claimed Abuse that Occurred After a Fight About Money. Landon Shoved Shyla, “creating a Laceration and Apparent Injury to [her] Finger,” as stated in The Papers.

The Influencer Stated that This Episode Was Part of A Pattern of Abuse from Landon, Although Landon Has Always Denied This. In Her Account, She Penned: “After Three Failed Attempts to Kidnap My Child, I Have Been Beaten, Abused, and Harassed. if You Care About Someone, You Wouldn’t Risk Losing Them. Every Single F***ing Time, I Will Do What Is Best for My Kid.”

His Daughter.

Later, Though, She Let It Be Known That, Despite Her Earlier Efforts to Keep Landon Away from His Daughter, She Would Actually Be Fine with Him Being in Touch with Soutine. After Being Away for Three Months, Landon and Souline Finally Reconnected.

Shyla Explained that She Had Asked for Visitation Because She Wanted Her Daughter to Have Contact with Her Father, Whom She Knows She Will Always Love No Matter What. To That, She Added, “all I Requested Was for Her Privacy to Be Respected During This Time Not to Extort Her for Clout And/or Financial Benefits.” This Was in Response to Her Ex’s Social Media Post About His Reunion with Soutine.

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I Was Wondering What It Is that Shyla and Landon Do for A Living.

Shyla and Landon Break Up: How Did Landon Mc Broom and Shyla Walker Break Up?

They Had Over 3 Million Subscribers to Them This Is L&s Channel, Which They Ran Together on YouTube Before Breaking Up. Other than Their Goodbye Video, the End of This Is L&s, Shyla, and Landon Have Removed All of Their Previous Uploads from The Channel. Landon Is Looking to Make a Name for Himself in The Boxing World Outside of YouTube.


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