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Selling Sunset Season 6: How Many of the Original Actors Are Going to Be Back?

We all rushed—not walked—to the closest streaming gadget in the spring when Selling Sunset’s fifth season was released. The Oppenheim Group office once again welcomed everyone’s favorite real estate brokers and agents, who were eager to show us the kind of luxury mansions in Los Angeles that we could only imagine. Of course, they served up a lot of drama as well.

Again, we observed more new faces, so it appeared that Jason and Brett were growing the company.

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More personalities meant more conflicting perspectives and the potential for disputes, stoking the fires of preexisting conflicts. Then there’s the entire Chrishell and Jason thing, which was all documented on the show as their romance was still young at the time.

As soon as the new episodes arrived on the streaming service in April, fans presumably binge-watched the entire fifth season, and by the time the final episode aired, speculation about the sixth season was surely rife. It goes without saying that it’s never too early to inquire about season 6! Here is all we currently know about Selling Sunset‘s upcoming season.

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Selling Sunset Season 6 Cast: How Many of the Original Actors Are Going to Be Back?

Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith, Brett Oppenheim, and Jason Oppenheim will most likely make an appearance. And since season 4, Davina Potraz has returned.

Selling Sunset Season 6 (5)

Even if the show drastically changes things, we can expect to see Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela back for another season.

You may have noted, however, that there is a major player in the cast who is not included in the aforementioned roster. Christine Quinn is said to be departing the program after the upcoming season. TMZ broke the story first, citing unnamed sources who claimed her exit was mutually agreed upon by her, Netflix, and the show’s producers.

Why does she supposedly want to leave, you inquire? And it sounds like she’ll be getting even more chances to showcase her modeling chops in the near future. She “is already planning modeling and appearance gigs at various fashion events,” TMZ reported, citing sources who said Christine had signed with IMG Models. I’m really going to miss her. Drama has been eliminated, for sure.

Another cast member has stated they will not be returning, at least in the same role. Maya Vander, as the audience knows, is a mother of two who lives between Los Angeles and Miami.
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Her comments to E! News were as follows: “I’m probably not going to be a full-time cast member because it’s going to be challenging for me logistically to do the back-and-forth again.”

Is There Going to Be a Reason for the Breakup Between Chrishell and Jason?

Chrishell and Jason decided to end their relationship, but the CEO had already hinted that he was having a hard time getting over the breakup.

Selling Sunset Season 6 (5)

“Nothing has altered my deep affection for her. Yes, without a doubt, I always will. We’ve all lost so much with her passing; she’s a beautiful person.
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” Jason gave Us the unique scoop before the Season 5 launch. It’s a lot more difficult and time-consuming than I thought it would be.

Christine’s Future With the Oppenheimer Group?

Following the controversy with her Oppenheim Group coworkers in season 6, Us reported in April 2022 that Christine opted to leave the brokerage for good. Christine left the Oppenheim Group on her own accord, an insider told Us at the time.

The Texan hinted at a future career in bitcoin in a Forbes interview her husband, Richard, gave earlier that month.

Is There Any Chance of a Chelsea Comeback in Selling Sunset Season 6?

The newbie in season 5 is still employed by the Oppenheimer Group. Before, in an interview with Us, Jason referred to Chelsea as a “huge addition” to the team.

Is Christine’s Spot on the Show Still Secure?

Christine dropped hints in May 2022 that she would be back for season 6: “We might have to get a bit creative when it comes to the new season.”
Us Weekly in August of 2022, as reported by’s Daily Pop — Us.

Selling Sunset Season 6 (4)

In July, the influencer shared her frustrations with the New York Times. During the course of the interview, she expressed her belief that she was the only one to fully grasp the assignment’s requirements. I’m the only one who declared, “Hey, this is a show, and I’m going to give the world a show.”

When Will Production OF Selling Sunset Season 6 Begin?

In June of 2022, Netflix announced that production will restart later that summer.

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G Flip: Will He Join the Cast of “Selling Sunset”?

In July 2022, the show’s creator, Adam DiVello, told E! News, “We’re just cranking up preproduction on six.” “Chrishell and I have not yet spoken about it. I really hope G Flip shows up.”


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