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Season 5 of Virgin River will not be on Netflix in 2022.

After season 4 of Virgin River came out on July 20, fans are already looking forward to season 5, which is understandable.

The fourth season of the romantic drama on Netflix ended with a series of shocking cliffhangers that made us pick our jaws up off the floor. The last scene of the season, in particular, dropped a shocking bombshell that will rock Mel and Jack’s world next season. We’re still trying to figure out what it all means.

Virgin River' Season 5: Everything We Know

The good news is that Netflix will soon have season 5 of Virgin River. The bad news is that fans of Virgin River shouldn’t expect the fifth season to come out in 2022.

When could the fifth season of Virgin River come out on Netflix?

Even though we’d love to see the fifth season of Virgin River come out in 2022, it’s not likely to happen until 2023. We think the fifth season will come out in July 2023, to be more specific.

Nicola cavendish - Virgin River 5

Even though the first two seasons of Virgin River came out in November, as a fall show, Netflix has had a lot of success with putting out new seasons of the show in July.

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Since the show has had a lot of viewers in July, we don’t think Netflix will change things up and push back the release date. We also don’t think they’ll drop the season before July, because that would mean it would come out at the same time as other Netflix romantic dramas.

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Since Netflix doesn’t usually announce release dates until a show is close to coming back, it’s unlikely that Virgin River season 5 will come out before the end of 2022. But as soon as news comes out, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Who is Nicola Cavendish ( Connie on Netflix Virgin River )

She is an actress, director, and playwright from the U.K. who is very good at what she does. She started out in theatre, but now she is known for being an actress on TV and movies. The actress has said before that she gives everything she has to every project.

nicola cavendish

Who Is Rebel Wilson: Rebel Wilson Has Received an Apology from The Newspaper!

“I feel like I have a huge duty to make these characters real. “You use the most important parts of what you know and have done,” she said. “Whether they were happy or sad, memorable or completely ordinary, you’re pulling them out of your memory and bringing them to the forefront for the character. She needs it, because she knows what it’s like to feel abandoned and out of control.”

Is She Playing Connie On Virgin River?

That is completely true. She plays Connie, the owner of the general store and bakery in Virgin River. She’s not a main character, but she’s still a well-liked person in the small town. Connie gets more screen time in season three after she takes in her troubled niece Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale). The fourth season starts right where the third one left off, with Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey) getting ready to join the Marines.

nicola cavendish virgin river

What Happen To Connie In Virigin River 4?

In season 4, Connie still runs the famous bakery cart in town with the help of her niece, Lizzie. Connie is a proud member of the knitting circle, and she is also the parent of a teenager (who, FYI, are still mourning the death of their friend, Lilly).

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