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Season 42 Winner 2022: Who Won the Finale Tonight on ‘survivor’?

Five people — Lindsay Dolashewich, Romeo Escobar, Maryanne Oketch, Mike Turner, and Jonathan Young — went into Wednesday’s Survivor 42 finale on CBS with a chance to win the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize, but after three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and one toe-themed advantage hunt, a victor emerged almost unanimously, and that victor was… Maryanne.

Maryanne received seven of the eight jury votes, with Mike winning the remaining vote from Jonathan, whom he beat in the nail-biting final four to bring the show to a close.

It was a victorious end for Maryanne, who had been discarded by her tribemates earlier in the season as an often bothersome afterthought but had managed to leave her imprint on the game by helping to arrange the blindside of master manipulator Omar Zaheer.

A Mythical Creature of Immunity.

This, along with her reveal of a hidden immunity idol that no one knew about during the final Tribal Council, clinched the case for the jury, who then awarded the 24-year seminary student from Ontario for her efforts.


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After Erika Casupanan won Survivor 41, Maryanne becomes the second consecutive Canadian woman of color to win the game. Canadians were only permitted on the program for the first time in season 39, therefore they’ve already won two of the three seasons in which they’ve been eligible. (All prior winners from the United States were included in Season 40.)

The finale started with challenge beast Lindsay having to win the first immunity competition to remain alive, and she looked to be a solid shot to do so when she solved a word scramble and gained an edge in the said round. Mike, on the other hand, out-dueled her on the puzzle, and Lindsay was sent to the jury when Maryanne refused to use her immunity idol to rescue her.

The Greatest Shocks of The Season.

Then, in one of the season’s biggest surprises, Romeo won the last immunity challenge, giving him the opportunity to choose who would sit next to him at the end.

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He picked Maryanne, which meant that Mike and Jonathan, the island’s two finest fire-starters, would have to compete against each other, with one going to the final three and the other to the jury.

Mike’s faith in his ability to go to fire was rewarded as he easily overcame Jonathan (who had a great flame going as well) to get to the finals. But he was misguided if he believed adding another notch to his belt would get him brownie points with the jurors. When the jury rebuked Mike’s claims of playing a game based on integrity, he was unable to shift to a more persuasive argument, allowing Maryanne (who never made integrity her platform) to walk away with the victory.

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