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HomenewsIn 2022, the Mighty Hoopla event will return to London| Check out...

In 2022, the Mighty Hoopla event will return to London| Check out The Schedule!

Mighty Hoopla is going to scatter glitter all over Brixton, as seen by the torrent of glittering pink cowboy hats spilling out of the tube station. This one-day pop festival, now in its fourth year after COVID-19 blocked the 2020 event, attracts a largely LGBTQ+ and female population that comes to the party.

It’s a fantastic alternative to some of the more testosterone-fueled rock fests on one hand, and a surprisingly emotional and possibly little subversive nostalgia exercise on the other. Pop groups like Atomic Kitten, who were formerly considered “disposable,” can now establish their endurance by garnering a massive and devoted crowd at Mighty Hoopla.

After Covid-19’s Cancellation of The 2020 Event.

This isn’t to say that Mighty Hoopla is completely devoid of Y2K nostalgia. Early on, in-form hitmaker Becky Hill reads the room – or, to be more accurate, a large area of south London’s Brockwell Park – when she boldly reveals that this is her first Hoopla after coming out as queer.

mightly hoopler

Her burgeoning discography of dance hits, from 2014’s “Gecko (Overdrive)” to the current blockbuster “Remember,” also struck the mark. If the crowd’s response to ‘My Heart Goes (La Di Da)’ is any indication, the Bewdley singer is on her way to another success.

Mighty Hoopla’s other stages are also exploding by early afternoon. Nimmo, a London pair comprised of two lesbian women, Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, gives a spectacular DJ set that includes dance classics such as Gala’s ‘Freed from Desire’ and Livin’ Joy’s ‘Keep On Movin.’ Nearby, Honeyz, a 1990s R&B trio, reminds us that their ‘End of the Line’ and ‘Won’t Take It Lying Down’ bops still smack.

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Confirmed that Mighty Hoopla 2022.

If your life is feeling a bit dull, try these suggestions: In 2021, Mighty Hoopla will return to the London festival circuit. Since its arrival in London in 2017, the inclusive pop party has signaled the start of the capital’s summer festival calendar for many – but last year’s extravaganza was definitely postponed.

party mighty hoopla

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Organizers have now confirmed that Mighty Hoopla – which they describe as “the UK’s greatest pop festival” (and we don’t disagree!) – will return this year as planned, but will be moved from its regular June date. On Saturday, September 4, it will return to Brockwell Park in Brixton.
Mighty Hoopla is perhaps the finest way to reacquaint yourself with partying in a London park if you don’t remember what festivals are like. The full-throttle one-day event, which was founded by the creative brains behind gay troupe Sink the Pink, has brought together the biggest stars in music and performances by the top names on London’s LGBTQ+ club scene in each given year since it started.

This Is the Happiest Festival in London.

They’re keeping quiet about who’s on the new lineup for now, although Anastacia, the queen of power anthems, was originally scheduled to perform in 2020.

mighty hoopla1

Tickets bought for last year’s celebration will be transferred to this year’s event. And, although the festival previously provided free tickets to NHS employees on a yearly basis, this year they’re increasing the ante to thank our health service, really making this London’s most feelgood fest.

Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge brings the disco era back to life on the main stage, supported by a superb band. She’s an odd choice for this festival, which prefers its nostalgia acts to be a bit more contemporary, yet she nails copper-bottomed classics like ‘Lost in Music’ with perfect confidence.

On the Birdcage stage, LGBTQ collectives such as The Bitten Peach, Hungama, and Gay House Party present a diverse range of progressive and immensely entertaining queer talent. The clamor of “bing bang bong!” appears to bounce across Brockwell Park later, when RuPaul’s Drag Race girls and United Kingdolls play their popular track ‘UK Hun’ in the so-called ‘Pleasure Palace.’


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